Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2: one day fitness tracker

Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2: one day fitness tracker

Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2: one day fitness tracker

In general, I am not a consumer trackers Xiaomi – can sometimes seem like something similar for tests and other problems, but almost all of the data in real life can be obtained using a smartphone and Apple Watch. For example, if I am interested to see the distance, you can do without at all hours, the smartphone is always in your pocket, measure the distance, height and many other details. The clock pulse can be seen during a training session, another question that in the gym, I personally do not like to carry instruments and even listen to music recently. All this, of course, very, very subjective, but what is happening now with the trackers, perfectly demonstrates only one thing – this segment is slowly drove himself to a standstill. Just a few years ago, I was waiting for each new Jawbone bracelet, it was interesting that will add to the new device, it was fun to use, wear, walk, observe the results. Then wear something on your wrist bothered, and UP application is completely replaced my bracelet – nearly all functions except the smart alarm clock. Then the basic capabilities of the iPhone was forced to abandon the UP, and now in the smartphone memory of this utility is not. But to somehow control the dream, you can use Beddit type gadgets worn on the hand is not necessary, enough to put on the bed. I will write a separate review for this thing.

Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2: one day fitness tracker

Why do I come to write about the Xiaomi Mi Band 2? Well, here’s the story, my friend Sasha and I shot the video, set up the tracker, heart rate readings were compared with the Apple Watch, and slowly-polegonku had an idea to talk about all of these tests. For example, take the least connection to the iPhone. I made a new account, and there at one point you need to enter a verification code in the field. So you imagine, in this very field remained inscription Enter verification code – that is, at first it is necessary to remove, then enter the code.

It is very strange.

Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2: one day fitness tracker

The second strange thing, after you create an account, approval tolerance data on the iPhone you start pairing. And the smartphone does not find a bracelet, no matter how you clicked the button on the touch Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Go to help and see there is a simple tip – turn on and turn off the Bluetooth on your phone. Then all at once is impossible.

The third strange thing in the Mi Band application like how to remove all the features associated with sleep. But if you give access to the data, there is a corresponding item, Sleep data. By the way, why not Russian? Among because surely they know that in Russia, thousands of people use the bracelets, so why not make their lives easier?

And so, after the connection, I started wearing the bracelet. I noticed the following. First, the closure is not the most comfortable, we have to be accustomed to fasten. Secondly, it is very easy to type without removing the tracker, silicone bracelet does not scratch the body – from the Apple Watch on a steel bracelet is just a disaster. Third, keep in mind to shoot the pulse, it is necessary that the sensor is quite tightly to his hand, and still need to put the second program Mi HR, it takes readings in real time. These readings are jumping very much, for example, only that it was 67 bpm, now 88 bpm. If you keep your hand relaxed, in one place, then we can get the real data. As a middle ground using conventional blood pressure monitor with batteries. Well, Apple Watch, too – watch quite well cope with the measurement of heart rate, you need only look in the first result, and adjusted (this is just my observation). The real-time corrected AW, usually four or five points. And what is interesting, reading Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Apple Watch differ by only a couple of points or do not differ at all – only, Xiaomi sensor slightly varies slowly reading.

Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2: one day fitness tracker

Now it is necessary to talk about the band functionality when handling of iOS, I remember, we have already published an article Artem, first look at Xiaomi Mi Band 2, in the comments of all the work already done for me by ontonivo, for thanks:

“And so, functions are:

  • counting the steps to the statistics.
  • Tracking of sleep phases, taking into account the pulse (periodic measurement, while sleeping) with the statistics.
  • an alarm clock (without sleep phases).
  • vibration for an incoming call.
  • pulse measurement by pressing the button on the menu (a few seconds, no statistics and practical use).

All. Other notifications not provided (votsapp, SMS, etc.), there is no running mode, as opposed to the android, and generally nothing more.

You can activate a permanent measurement of the pulse through a crutch called Mi HR for 99 cents, and to recognize the device as a heart rate monitor in endomondo and other applications to run. It somehow extends the functionality. But after jogging heart rate monitor is best to turn off, because it is less vyzhret battery in a constant measurement than a day. Accordingly, it is necessary to include a crutch through every time. Fortunately, this is a simple operation. ”

Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2: one day fitness tracker

Slightly corrected, but overall it is, I will note only the following about the tracker and iOS:

  • Vibrate on call really helps not to miss the call, I got used to it with the Apple Watch, if you wear a normal watch and Tracker, then miss a call fails never that big, big plus. And like many people think that it is a secondary or tertiary function – in fact, far from it.
  • Generally, what you need to know your pulse? This is useful in the gym, while jogging, but that in everyday life we do not do that, right? But this does not mean that the function is useless – if for no reason at pulse rises during the day, it makes sense to go to the doctor. Or just look closely at your lifestyle, change something.
  • About the phases of sleep I still have nothing to say, Artem tell after prolonged use.
  • Normal Service, alas, I did not wake – had to get up at six in the morning, had hoped yesterday’s tracker and slept. Maybe this is an isolated case, it is necessary to check.
  • During the program Mi HR did not have to pay anything.
  • Naturally, those who are engaged in sports, I would suggest some sort of a special device, to look towards the same Fitbit gadgets.

On the other hand, in the gym, you can quickly find your pulse when you walk or you run on a track / ellipse, which is useful.

Basically, what I want to say – Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for the money (it is 1 500 rubles in China and Russia in 3800), the device is quite good, ranging from setting up your software. I think Artem in the review will tell you more, but I can advise in absentia Tracker iOS owners – I hope that the developers will expand the functionality of the device in the future. I also liked the fact that the gadget though inexpensive, but still motivated to walk – the default for a day to do 8,000 steps. It seems little, but just try to resemble as much daily. For example, today I did not fulfill their norm, and it’s time to go.