Review Xiaomi Mi Drone. Cheap flights to UAV world

Review Xiaomi Mi Drone. Cheap flights to UAV world

Review Xiaomi Mi Drone. Cheap flights to UAV world

The principle of the company Xiaomi output for the next new market remains the same: to create a quality product with good design similarity with the reference in this segment of the device, not only externally but also by the performance, and low cost is put. In half the competitors, for example, to get the right response. And it still works. Up to what time the company will be able to adhere to this strategy – is unclear. In the smartphone market, it has malfunctioned, Xiaomi is no longer growing (and at such low prices on the company’s expected continued growth), and China is losing ground. But if we look at other segments, and a lot of them, from the fitness bracelets to external battery, here Xiaomi strategy continues to operate successfully and to bring dividends of the company: building its market share in each new segment, the presence of the TOP-3 of different categories, and so on .

Many of you have probably heard about the quadrocopters, this theme has been repeatedly raised in many different media, news, articles, and in the popular US cartoon South Park quadrocopters even devoted a whole series (18 season 5 series). Anyway, today, this accessory, “toy” for adults, is one of the growing segments of the electronics market with the note very rather big prices for top products. And, as happened with the market action-cameras, where there is dominance of small Chinese brands and a powerful leader – GoPro, the market UAVs have hundreds of different models from small to large, produced in small Chinese factories, and separately mighty DJI (incidentally, also the Chinese firm ) – one of the leaders in the market of unmanned aerial vehicles.

However, when people hear about quadrocopters, then, as a rule, pass through several stages. The first – a surprise that, it turns out, there are such things, and it’s cool. The second – an understanding of how to have such a cool toy (we are all children of the soul). The third – a cursory study of the market and finding quadrocopters described earlier paintings – there are many small companies that manufacture some simple things, and with DJI Phantom line. The fourth and final stage – the analysis of prices for the different versions of the DJI Phantom genuinely surprised by the fact that the “plastic helicopter” with the camera can cost about 100 000 rubles, and … everything. This is usually for the most familiarity with quadrocopters ends. Obviously, the price of new DJI Phantom models for many is the “stop factor”. Adults who want a toy, but the adult part of you understand that to give serious money for the product is not basic necessities that you will enjoy just from time to time, it is not reasonable.

Review Xiaomi Mi Drone. Cheap flights to UAV world

As usual, Xiaomi is doing a good device, comparing it with the top representative in the segment, and then triumphantly announces a price tag – much lower than that of a competitor. In the case of the Xiaomi Mi Drone and its competitor “on paper», DJI Phantom 4, a significant difference in price. Xiaomi Mi Drone promise to give 25 000 or 30 000 rubles (translated from yuan without added resellers margins, delivery, and so on), and Phantom 4 is an average of 110,000 rubles (in Russian). Even if the complexity of the order, delivery and margin for Mi Drone, hardly pass for the price of 50 000 rubles. That is, twice the difference, as it should be for Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Drone is available in two versions – Advanced, camera module, writing video resolution of 4k, and a simpler, with 1080p camera.

Weight quadrocopters – a little more than 1.3 kg, almost like DJI Phantom 4 in size, these models are also comparable.

Review Xiaomi Mi Drone. Cheap flights to UAV world

High-speed characteristics are as follows:

  • Maximum altitude – 120 m
  • Maximum climb speed – 6 m / c
  • The maximum descent speed – 1.5 m / c
  • Maximum flight speed – 18 m / s

For all parameters, except for the maximum altitude, Xiaomi Mi Drone comparable with DJI Phantom 4, however, the maximum of the last flight altitude is within 6000 meters, whereas Xiaomi Mi Drone Online stated value of 120 meters (Why such a difference? I have something missed? help in the comments).

Quadrocopters (both models) equipped with a 510 mAh battery on and can work on a single charge up to 27 minutes with the included video.

The main difference between the two models is the camera module. In a simpler variant Xiaomi Mi Drone equipped with a 16 megapixel camera with a shooting angle of 104 degrees, aperture f / 2.6, capable of writing video resolution of 1080p and take photos of 4608×3456 pixels.

The advanced version of Xiaomi Mi Drone equipped with a 12 megapixel camera with 94 degree shooting angle, aperture f / 2.8, capable of writing video close to 4k resolution – 3840×2160 pixels. Resolution pictures – 4000×3000 pixels.

In both cases, the camera module is attached to the body using a three-axis quadrocopters stabilizer that ensures smooth video recording and photo shooting.

Review Xiaomi Mi Drone. Cheap flights to UAV world

The range of frequencies for remote control Xiaomi Mi Drone – 2426.5 – 2461 MHz. Maximum distance operation – up to 1000 meters for easier modifications and up to 2000 meters for advanced. Fixing for a smartphone on the remote allows you to set even such large vehicles, like Xiaomi Mi Max, so that devices with a screen diagonal of at least 6 ” will be compatible with the remote control without any problems.

Review Xiaomi Mi Drone. Cheap flights to UAV world

Because the chips are all the main important “skills” drone – Streaming video (as 720p at distances up to 2000 meters), GPS modules and Glonass, the presence of the autopilot with different modes (automatic landing on this point following of the pilot, the traffic circle) .

Xiaomi Mi Drone, that can be bought and most already start using.