Review ZTE Blade G Lux (V830)

Review ZTE Blade G Lux (V830)

Review ZTE Blade G Lux (V830)

Package Includes:

  • Smartphone
  • Battery
  • USB-cable
  • Network adapter
  • Warranty Card


Another Chinese smartphone that stands out from the rest of the host brothers, perhaps, only a rather attractive appearance, the presence of two cameras (one of which has autofocus) and a relatively capacious battery. Cost ZTE Blade G Lux (strange name) will be less than 4000 rubles, and the unit will have in October (white in the beginning of October, Black – closer to mid-October).

Review ZTE Blade G Lux (V830)

Design, size, controls

Devices in this class are almost always look the same inexpressive: plastic black, plenty of gloss, thick as a fist, and so on. Oddly enough, but ZTE Blade G Lux differs from them in a better way. The developers have tried to make G Lux not only pretty, but also enjoyable to use.

Thickness is 9.1 mm, but in real life the device in the hand is fine, and it seems that the gadget is much thinner, probably due to the fact that the edges of the back cover becomes smaller. Dimensions – 132h66h9.1 mm, and weight – 136 grams

Original look sharply rounded corners ZTE. I do not know about you, but to me the machine resembles a racing car. Interestingly made touch-sensitive buttons: in the center – a large round, and the edges – are small, they are highlighted in blue.

Nothing seen similar and Meizu, but then I like the lights.

The upper and lower bounds for a smooth transition to the back side. The rim of the main chamber is also painted in blue color. As far as I know, yet went on sale device only white colors of the front panel and the rear socket. Sides are gray in color.

Applied semi-gloss plastic coating and “soft touch” (cover). ZTE perfectly assembled, no squeaks, and do not play, the back side does not bend to the battery.

Obverse – glass with oleophobic layer, fingerprints are practically invisible, finger glides well. During the tests, the screen appeared a shallow scratch.

Speaker for speech output, “self”-camera, light sensors and proximity, as well as missed event indicator located on the front of the machine. Speaker volume is average, good clarity, you can hear the interlocutor clearly, no echo. In case of overload can be a little wheeze.

Review ZTE Blade G Lux (V830)

It has already been said about the buttons below the display on the left – “Back” in the center – “Home”, and on the right – “Menu”.

On the left side is a connector micro-USB, on the right – the volume rocker and the power button. They are flat, long, convex, have a minimum lift, pressing hard. Bottom – the microphone on top – the standard 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones or a headset.

Behind the camera module is slightly raised above the body, single-section flash and handsfree speaker.

To remove the cover, it is necessary to pry the bottom of the recess. Left over battery – slot miniSIM, right – microSIM and microSD.


Screen size ZTE Blade G Lux is 4.5 inches, which is for low-end device is not entirely familiar. The physical size – 56h99 mm beyond the right and left – 5 mm from the top frame – 15 mm from the bottom – 18 mm. Anti-reflective coating is there, but very weak. The air gap is present.

Review ZTE Blade G Lux (V830)

Display resolution – 480×854 points, density – 217 pixels per inch. Matrix is ​​technology TFT TN: if the screen is tilted itself – the image is inverted, from himself – picture loses contrast. In general, the typical behavior of matrix economy.

Brightness is regulated, either automatically or manually. Range is small, the maximum level is not enough for comfortable reading information in the afternoon, especially on a sunny day.

Touch capacitive layer fulfills two simultaneous touches. Sensitivity is low, sometimes you have to “Tapan” across the screen several times.

Display Characteristics
Diagonal4.5 inches
Type of matrixTFT TN
Resolution480×854 points
Density217 ppi
Mul2 Touch


In the smart phone ZTE V830 installed lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion) 1850 mAh capacity (7.03 Wh). Given that the average budget Android-phone has a battery with a 1500 mAh, we can say that the Blade G Lux worth a decent battery.

The average operating time – about 9 hours. Here I include the operation of the device in 3G, infrequent calls, a couple of dozen photos on the camera and some other not too necessary activity. If you use the machine as a video player, you expect for about 4 hours at medium brightness (720p) and listening to the sound of the headphones (50%).

Review ZTE Blade G Lux (V830)

The USB device is charging for 4 hours.

Battery specifications
Capacity1850 mAh
The type of batteryLithium-ion
The average operating time9:00
Video Playback4:00
The battery is chargingUp to 4 hours

Communication features

In this section, all typical of any of Android-smartphone budget category. The device operates in cellular networks 2G (GSM / GPRS / EDGE, 850/900/1800 MHz) and 3G (900/2100 MHz). SIM slot 1 works in 2G / 3G, slot SIM2 (microSIM) – only 2G.

Available Bluetooth Version 3.0 (EDR + A2DP) for file transfer and speech. There is a wireless Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n. The apparatus may naturally be employed as an access point (Wi-Fi Hotspot) or modem.

Mode OTG (USB On The Go) does not work.

There is a GPS. Its sensitivity is weak: the “cold” mode for a minute is up to 3 satellites near the window, in the open space for the same time – up to 8.

Memory and memory card

As with most similar devices, ZTE V830 is equipped with 512 MB of RAM. On average, slightly more than 200 free MB. Flash memory of 4 GB, but is available, as always, is much smaller: 2.4 GB to install applications and data storage.

There is a slot for memory cards microSD. Its maximum volume can be 32 GB.

Review ZTE Blade G Lux (V830)


The smartphone is equipped with two camera modules: the main 5 MP (in the final version of the device – 8 MP) autofocus camera, front 2 MP. There is a flash, but its effectiveness is reduced to zero, when it comes to photos at a distance of more than 30 centimeters.

Camera Features
Main Camera5 MP with autofocus
The front camera2 megapixel without autofocus
Video resolution main camera1280×720 pixels
Video resolution front camera640×480 pixels
FlashThere, Simplex

The picture quality of a corresponding camera used in the cheap mobile phones: poor detail, dynamic range, the behavior in direct sunlight.The only thing that pleases – white balance, and focus.

Video unit shoots in 720p resolution at 25 frames per second, there tachfokus. The sound is clear, mono. The front camera writes rollers at 640×480 pixels at 20 frames per second.

Review ZTE Blade G Lux (V830)

Feature video:

  • File Format: 3GP
  • Video codec: MPEG-4, 12 Mbit / s
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720, 25 / s
  • Audio Codec: AAC, 128 kbit / s
  • Channels: 1 channel, 48 kHz

Performance and software platform

Of course, it is worth the chipset from the Taiwanese manufacturer MediaTek. Chip called MT6572 – are two core ARM Cortex-A7 (28 nm process technology) at 1.3 GHz. The graphics core – Mali-400 (500 MHz).

Phone no load behaves relatively briskly, but as soon as you try to load something, even banal download the application from the Play Market, a smart phone begins to slow down: animation freezes, the problem is almost not switch and so on.

Toys are almost all, but of course, you should not rely on heavy “Gama” with full graphics: GTA and Modern Combat 5 could not be established – not enough memory, even if there is a tick on the memory card, see “Memory”.

Brief information and performance tests (Antutu, Quadrant, GFX Benchmark):

ZTE V830 smartphone running Google Android operating system version 4.2.2. The developers decided to change the design of the “bare” system, so almost all the icons have been redrawn. More no changes, all typical of any machine on the “Andryukha.”


The device installed standard music and video player, radio.

The average volume of the speaker – * 67 dB, the maximum – 75 dB *, the quality is good: even tapped clear treble, low transmitted worse.When you close the holes Speaker volume is reduced to virtually zero.

* Was measured at a distance of 30 cm from the speaker of the smartphone

The headphone volume is high, the distortion is not heard, it sounds great player. Perhaps not enough deep bass and more expressive high. Supported format FLAC.

The video player is able to “play» FullHD videos, but often emerge artifacts. Therefore it is best to restrict the video in 720p. Below Test Antutu Video.


Smartphone ZTE Blade G Lux – quite an interesting budget unit. Most importantly, he does not look like most of these gadgets. As for the specifications, here you will find something unique: two cores, weak matrix screen, a regular camera, albeit with autofocus. Pleased with the battery – still 1850 mAh device for 3800 rubles – not bad.

Write conclusions overlooking cheap phones, it is very difficult, since, given the cost, you do not want too much to find fault.

Low PriceWeak matrix screen
Cute appearanceLittle RAM
Capacity battery
Two cameras, most with autofocus
Android version 4.4.2
Indicator for missed events

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