Review ZTE Blade S6 Lite LTE: Chinese budget smartphone

Review ZTE Blade S6 Lite LTE: Chinese budget smartphone

Review ZTE Blade S6 Lite LTE: Chinese budget smartphone

Review ZTE Blade S6 Lite is designed to show that the same (except for the figures in the title) in common with the brainchild of Apple, as well as a simplified version of what is different from the “full”.

In January 2015, I saw the light of the Chinese middle-class smartphone ZTE Blade S6. And the name and appearance of the device is clearly indicated on the link with the iPhone 6. A little more than six months, in September 2015 the market was released a simplified version of the smartphone, called the ZTE Blade S6 Lite LTE. It acquired a more modest specifications, but the price tag was lower. Now you can buy the device at around 150-170 dollars, depending on the market.

The smartphone has features that are consistent with the budgetary unit 2015. However, for the Chinese are somewhat atypical.

Appearance ZTE Blade S6 Lite

When you first look at the ZTE Blade S6 Lite evident its similarity to the iPhone 6. The same rounded body, silver back, a round button below the display – everything is clearly copied from him. But there are differences, and they are significant. Thus, in not using aluminum as a material, and the usual colored plastic (and therefore no separation strips on the rear panel). “Home” button – touch and, of course, it lacks a fingerprint scanner. The layout is also different ends.

Smartphone size – slightly larger than the iPhone. Width – 70 mm, length – 144, and the thickness – 7.7. the device weighs 132 g

Review ZTE Blade S6 Lite LTE: Chinese budget smartphone

CPU ZTE Blade S6 Lite

Atypical for the Chinese smartphone (though not unique) is the CPU. Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 – a quad-core chip, clocked at 1.2 GHz and equipped with a graphics accelerator Adreno 306. Against the background of competitors from MTK it has a higher price (and hence the value of S6 Lite, inflated for state employees from China), but it supports LTE AnTuTu and gaining a little more points (up to 22 thousand, against 18-20 at MT6582).

The processor is sufficient for everyday work, web surfing, watching movies. But in demanding games, he does not possess the speed, the heaviest of them (like WoT Blitz) will go on minimum settings.

Memory ZTE Blade S6 Lite

RAM 1 GB smartphone, that is two times less than in the older version. This amount is typical for state employees, but for $ 150 you can find a model with 2 GB. At the start, about half the RAM available, but the launch programs quickly consumes it. However, the brakes when switching tasks is not present, a few intensive programs in the background without holding departures.

The internal memory on your smartphone 8 GB, about half of them takes the operating system. Blade S6 Lite supports memory cards up to 32 GB, so the problems with the extension of interior space should not be. You can try to install the module and 64 GB, if the file system – FAT32, but official support for such cards is not stated. There is also a function of USB OTG.

Review ZTE Blade S6 Lite LTE: Chinese budget smartphone

Battery ZTE Blade S6 Lite

In S6 Lite installed removable battery at 2400 mAh. Indicators of autonomy in the smartphone fits into the framework of medium. On the plus side it is worth noting the fact that the declared capacity is consistent with the reality that even for major Chinese companies to recently was a rarity.

In the online mode, surfing or video viewing device will last about 6-8 hours, but its games are discharged rather quickly: 3 hours – and will have to find an outlet. In sparing use on the day of the batteries will be enough, but those who will not part with your smartphone – may be disappointed. With complete memory capacity of the battery recharge process up to 100% lasts about an hour.

Cameras ZTE Blade S6 Lite

The main camera Blade S6 Lite is equipped with a sensor 8 MP. Of course, autofocus and LED flash are present. Photo quality compared to other budget smartphones are released. It is a little not call up, for example, Galaxy S3, but it looks favorably compared with the 8-megapixel sensor in the Chinese at $ 60-80. During the day there is no significant deficiencies in the evening or indoors noises occur. At night, get a clear picture is unrealistic, but it is less common mobile cameras, and is not a reproach to the side ZTE Blade S6 Lite.

The front camera has a smartphone, too. 5 MP – actually an unwritten standard for low-cost device 2015. And that, perhaps, its main characteristic. Any special features (like auto-focus, flash virtual or physical, with increased lens aperture) it does not, the frame quality is comparable with most devices cost from 50 to 150 dollars. For selfie enough, and “Skype” – all the more so.

Display ZTE Blade S6 Lite

The smartphone is set to 5-inch display with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. pixel density of 294 PPI, which is quite decent for budget. Man unprepared grain screen ZTE Blade S6 Lite will not even notice. Customers experienced FullHD matrices notice some point, unless specifically will stare.

The Matrix is ​​a type IPS and created by OGS technology. Material touchscreen – glass coated oleophobic layer. Last visually imperceptible, glare is not conducive. The viewing angle is good, natural color reproduction and brightness of 350 cd / m2 enough to the sun is not flash display to the state unreadable.

Communication ZTE Blade S6 Lite

ZTE Blade S6 Lite is equipped with two slots Nano-SIM. What caused this turn – unknown: powerful hardware, requiring complex and overall fee, high-capacity battery or a record low thickness of the smartphone is not, and to become a standard Micro-SIM extra millimeters have been found. It is very likely that when buying S6 Lite will have to arm themselves with a pair of scissors for cutting simok.

From cellular standards smartphone supports GSM, 3G and 4G LTE. It also includes a set of wireless interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4-generation GPS / GLONASS navigation.

Review ZTE Blade S6 Lite LTE: Chinese budget smartphone

Sound ZTE Blade S6 Lite

Speaker ZTE Blade S6 Lite, unlike the iPhone, which has become a model for designers, not located on the bottom, and the bottom of the rear panel. He has a decent volume, the sound can be called clean, but not much else. Traditionally, the budget smartphone category, claim to be a boom box unit can not. But the headphones all pretty well, no complaints.

System ZTE Blade S6 Lite

Operating system ZTE Blade S6 Lite – Android 5 Lolipop. As a graphical user interface installed MiFavor shell. Its design is similar to that of iOS and MIUI by Xiaomi. This implementation can be considered controversial, since the lack of a dedicated application menu and find all the shortcuts on the home screen will fall not to everyone’s liking. The system works properly, with no apparent glitches and stuttering. Drawing animation is smooth, the transition between programs does not take much time.

Features ZTE Blade S6 Lite

Producer pleased by the fact that the site has posted ZTE Blade S6 Lite firmware source code. Thus, enthusiasts will be able to study it, and create their own modified versions of the software, corrected bugs, or adapt, and opportunities. This can be called a plus for the “geeks”, since the same Xiaomi prefer to keep their sources confidential, and to create “custom bikes” – long and hard enthusiasts seek out compatible drivers for the peripheral gland (cameras, wireless modules, etc…).

Pros and Cons Blade S6 Lite LTE


  • attractive (though not original) design;
  • LTE support;
  • a good screen.


  • somewhat inflated price (the other major Chinese companies offer $ 150 more solid iron);
  • undistinguished camera;
  • mediocre autonomy.

Review Blade S6 Lite LTE

ZTE Blade S6 Lite was a good budget device, the purchase of which can inhibit only slightly inflated price. Smartphone review did not reveal critical flaws, but also obvious advantages were not found. Thus, it can be called balanced. In general, it is worth noting a positive design (which is pleasant, despite the frank “copypast” with the iPhone), build quality, and a relatively high-quality screen.

As for the minuses – they are not so significant. If not for the price – they could not even remember, as for state employees and the camera, and the battery – it is not bad. Just taking into account the fact that the manufacturer of the device – not Samsung, not HTC, a smartphone cost seems a bit overpriced.