Review smartphone ZTE Blade X3

Review smartphone ZTE Blade X3

Review smartphone ZTE Blade X3

Externally ZTE Blade X3 is similar to a typical budget smartphone without any eye catchy features, it stands out except that the unusual design of the bottom panel touch ring, but about it later.

The user can select one of three versions of the device: golden, white or black. Pay attention to the official photos of the device, pictured with her white model specifically reduced the frame, it looks, of course, fun.

The back cover is made of matt smooth plastic, it is easy to fingerprints (though he, of course, no such brands as glossy or glass), but they are just as easy to remove any cloth made of microfiber.

To remove the cover you need to hook it over the microUSB-port. Under it hid two slots for microSIM-cards, one of which is aligned with a slot for microSD-memory card

Review smartphone ZTE Blade X3

Touch me not like the panel, as the dark has to grope her to turn on the backlight. By the way, you may want to swap the steps to the right and left buttons.

In the main dynamics of the average stock by volume, but the quality is quite good, it does not wheeze at the maximum level. As part of any claims to the assembly machine no.

I should note that despite the impressive battery capacity, ZTE Blade X3 is not felt in your hand like a bulky smartphone. Yes, it is heavy and not as thin as the flagship of the company, but it is within reasonable limits. The device is almost as comfortable to hold in your hand, like the iPhone 6, adjusted for slightly greater width and weight.

Review smartphone ZTE Blade X3

HD-resolution increasingly appears in the segment of up to 10 000 rubles, and I have this fact very, very happy. If we talk specifically about the display ZTE Blade X3, it has good viewing angles, a good range of brightness, mediocre behavior in the sun and there is no oleophobic coating. That is, it is a typical middling, but for my money the screen itself is quite good.

Operating system ZTE Blade X3

The device runs on Android 5.1 with a proprietary shell MiFavour. It seemed to me that it is in the X3 version of the shell greatly curtailed, so all the elements look the same as at the katabatic Android, the only exception – the launcher with rounded icons. I, frankly, like the fact that you can put a different launcher and actually get the machine in pure Android with a couple of chips from ZTE like Russian letters in the dialer, for example.

Review smartphone ZTE Blade X3

During the performance meets the updated version from the “R” index of the good old MT6735. Its power enough for the eyes for most everyday tasks and casual unpretentious toys. More productive games like Asphalt 8 will also work, but at medium settings.

Opening hours of the reading mode at 30% brightness (included airplane) 25 hours

In fact, the battery is removable in this model, but in my sample was sealed with a warranty sticker, so it seems, the manufacturer does not recommend to replace it yourself.

With regard to working hours, an impressive capacity allows ZTE Blade X3 to work a couple of days with an average activity in the two hours of screen included (Twitter, e-mail, browser, instant messenger – all on mobile internet). In our tests, the device has also shown excellent results.

Shoot camera mediocre. You can make normal shots on a sunny day, but in artificial light appear noise and pixelation. Front camera, despite the high resolution, also not impressed.

Review smartphone ZTE Blade X3

Conclusion ZTE Blade X3

For voice quality I did not have any complaints: you and your partner each other perfectly hear.

Retail for ZTE Blade X3 asked 9000 rubles. For the money you get a smartphone with a capacious battery and a good display. Among the shortcomings highlight except mediocre camera da 1 GB of RAM. And no oleophobic coating, of course. In my opinion, ZTE made a good budget smartphone, because the key parameters (speed and operating time, the quality of the screen) did not save. If you need an inexpensive device with HD-resolution, be sure to pay attention to this model.

From direct competitors for the money there unless Xiaomi redmi 3, but to compare it with ZTE Blade X3 wrong, because Xiaomi will take those who are willing to wait for the machine two or three weeks and more or less know the brand and ZTE can be purchased at most retail stores .