Reviews of the latest movies from Keanu Reeves

Reviews of the latest movies from Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves 01
Keanu Reeves 01

Keanu Reeves – Hollywood legend, man, starring in cult films such numbers that it is difficult to count.

Man of Tai Chi

As far as he is popular in the movie, so he is humble and simple in everyday life.

“Nonstandard hero of Hollywood” in recent years, slowly but surely building their future career already as a producer and director.

“The crime of Henry” and the documentary “Side by Side” did not attract much attention of spectators, but there were enough highly appreciated by critics for its originality and creative approach to the topic. Producer experience was only the first step to the main step – directorial debut.

Reviews of the latest movies from Keanu Reeves

And it took place. Again quite a special way, not like other Hollywood stars.

Keanu Reeves took a traditional kung fu film and took it to the home of the genre in China.

Some facts from the history of the “Man of Tai Chi.”

Initial scenario in 2006 brought Tiger (Tiger Hu Chen), making friends with Keanu in the days of “The Matrix”, where he coached Reeves and worked as a stuntman. Tiger modestly asked a friend if he could play a small cameo role. Keanu agreed. Gradually, in the course of finalizing the script, Reeves became interested in the project and decided to make a film on their own. A total of preparatory work, shooting and post-production took more than six years.

The main feature of the painting is moved to its name – “The Master of Tai Chi.”

Taiji – National Gymnastics, peculiar slow dance, filled with grace and meditative. As the Chinese say, “Taiji stops time. In every moment there is an elusive purity and eternity. This moment, extended in time. “

By this kind of martial arts has no direct relationship, so the wizard, who managed to use tai chi for combat, is there such an interest on the screen.

Much of the film – a clean fight. Master different styles (Sanda, Muay Thai, kickboxing, karate, etc.) are trying to win the Tiger, the school master Ling Kong Tai Chi (not her real name).

14 different fights, each of which provide their own philosophy and shows the path of becoming a moral hero – from innocence humble disciple Tai Chi to dive into the abyss of permissiveness, and vice versa, from the awareness of the depth of his fall to the purification, which allowed the hero to find spiritual force capable of win real evil.

It is the role of Tiger and it it fully justifies its reputation multiple champion of martial arts. Stuntman became an actor, which attracts the attention of the viewer, allowing admire sharpened movements in the ring. Quiet confidence, vanity, doubt, fear, and ultimately, the victory over his own ego, is surprisingly easy to read in his eyes and skimp on vivid emotions face.

Keanu Reeves chose for himself the role of chief adversary, modern Mephistopheles, who seduces the souls of men, and concludes a deal with them, promising wealth, fame, impunity and permissiveness.

Negative roles are not peculiar to Keanu, though his track record has some excellent villains. Once a decade Reeves allows himself to play a villain and it always turns out very interesting … and causes deep resistance from the audience.

At this time, Keanu plays the “absolute evil” without any reservations. Cold-blooded villain, make a killing not just his profession, and to create an international club, translating Kill live. “The show must go on” and in this show there is only one winner. Hard to find something positive in such a manner. But we will try to do it’s own words Keanu.

In the Chinese held the Baltic Hotels tweet chat, and I had the opportunity to ask a question directly to Keanu Reeves.

Question: “Donakov completely negative character or there is something positive?”

Keanu answer: “They say,” Your worst enemy – is your best teacher. ” But it’s better not to experience the real life and in the film. Donakov – Dark Master of the Tiger. “

Motivation for the negative role of the actor is deeper than a way to work on a “good guy.” Answer from Reeves shows how thoroughly he plunges into the topic and how versatile it calculates.

In this case, it is one of the philosophical lines of the film, in which fighting without rules serve only as a background for understanding the main promise – meditation on the many aspects and attributes of today’s life, when tradition and modernity are in conflict with each other, rather than to supplement and enrich world in which we live.

The film shows the symbol of the Great repeatedly limit – a circle divided by a wavy line into two parts black (yin) and white (yang). In the black part of the circle there is a white dot, and white – black. This means that the particle is always a yin yang and yin yang is always contained. Similarly, in life, in every man there is always good and evil, pure color does not happen.

You can not deny the obvious – the film has its own style, it is absolutely original and therefore will cause many misunderstandings. “The Master of Tai Chi” bears traits of its director – a complex irony, realism to the smallest detail, minimalism in emotions and avoiding clichéd slogans, sharpness and sharpness in filing the action, the complexity and layering ideas with a minimum of dialogue, verified the accuracy of each frame.

 47 Ronin

“47 Ronin” – the story of samurai revenge for the death of his master, the story of loyalty and honor, will and dedication. Pathetic and beautiful, so it got a new movie starring Keanu Reeves. Debutant director Carl Rinsh swung to the east, and this is known to be a delicate matter, so not every spectator friendly. And the danger of the situation is that the Japanese themselves film is likely rejected apprehended him as an attack on their culture malicious Americans, Americans basically not particularly inclined to reflect on the culture of other countries, the question is how to treat the European part of the film spectators. Naturally, steep Hollywood bosses reinsured, and the story created in a trendy 3D format with the declared fantasy genre. Oh for the mass audience of these arguments is more than enough.

Reviews of the latest movies from Keanu Reeves

Confrontation between good and evil comes amid alien, oriental landscapes, with the participation of incredible beasts and mysterious and magical powers. Misunderstood, but the brave hero Reeves, with a fairly clear to us the name Kai, was forced to live in the persecution and complete lawlessness, thus succeeds find love VIPs for which absolutely everything is ready, only to be near. But even this illusory happiness does not last long. Prince, sheltered in his province stranger, was treacherously let down a suicide and now all his possessions passed into the hands of another person, extremely belligerent, and all his samurai, who failed to protect the owner became powerless ronin, there are exactly 47. Their whole existence is now reduced to the fulfillment of duty – to avenge the death of Mr. And the winners will not be in any case, ronin are not entitled to a blood feud, and if they break the law, will be executed.

Will the “47 Ronin” discourage rather impressive film’s budget is likely to increase but it is unlikely to happen. History is rated 12 + for the entire history of militancy in the film virtually no violence, and there is absolutely no blood in principle all decorum and innocent.

In the cast is quite logical prevail Japanese surnames, but the main bet is placed on the world’s favorite Keanu Reeves, who as a soldier-martyr very becoming. By the way, the film lit Zombie Boy, it’s a pity that only lit up, because he was in a scene less than a minute, but very impressive looking at the viewer with all the posters.

“47 Ronin” beautiful cautionary tale worthy of attention, but when viewing the ever-present feeling that lacks emotional intensity, the feeling of some palliatives.