How to get rid of heartburn quickly and surely

How to get rid of heartburn quickly and surely


Heartburn – one of the most unpleasant symptoms that characterize a whole list of ailments of the digestive system. Be able to deal with it should each and further told how to do it

Imagine the situation: in your life is a very important event, joyful and solemn – and you can not appreciate it because of the banal malaise. Unpleasant taste in the mouth and a burning sensation in the throat is not allowed to focus on what is really important – and sometimes it is very sad. How to get rid of heartburn without drugs at hand, knows not everyone.

And whether it is worth to buy these drugs? Modern folk medicine provides excellent methods of dealing with heartburn indigestion – why not use them as a simpler and cheaper alternative?

What is heartburn

In order to understand how to get rid of heartburn, you need to understand what it represents. Every person knows that the food in his body is processed mainly in the stomach by gastric juice and bile. The major chemical reactions in these reagent acts hydrochloric acid – and is in interaction with the food is completely converted to salt and water.

However – it only happens if the amount of acid released ideally corresponds to the amount of food consumed. If it is not enough – there is indigestion or nausea. If it is too much – there is a notorious heartburn.

Excess of hydrochloric acid, being inherently volatile chemical compound (hydrogen chloride) is extracted from gastric juice and begins to rise from the stomach together with excess gases. It is for this reason that heartburn is often mated with abnormally frequent belching.

Soda – the best medicine

What helps heartburn?

Since the primary substance that provokes heartburn is acid, then all you need to do to treat it – is to balance the acid-alkaline balance in the digestive organs. To do this, you need to consume a certain amount of chemical reagent (or solution), safe for humans, but is able to react with hydrochloric acid.

Naturally, you should not even think about the soap. Even though it contains an alkaline base – receiving much hurt him inside the digestive organs. It is worth remembering the other, known to many from childhood example – something like soda mixed with vinegar.

Vinegar, in essence, is an acid. A logical assumption would be that if the soda reacts with vinegar, it is able to react with the gastric juice. In actual fact, it really would be so – divorced a glass of water a teaspoon of baking soda able to reliably deliver even the most fierce heartburn.

Naturally, people with high acidity of gastric juice should be avoided and frequent reception of irregular fats (which are essential fatty acids), wines and other fermented products, and – sour fruit. However, if this can not be avoided – always useful to have a pack of baking soda at home as a first aid at the slightest manifestations of heartburn.