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How to get rid of hiccups: Proven Ways

Breathe calmly and without hesitation.

First make sure that you do not have problems with swallowing, hiccup does not appear several times a week or lasts for more than an hour. In this case it is better examined by a doctor. If you already ikaesh long and trouble does not pass, what to do? To begin relax and do not strain the diaphragm so as not to provoke it.

How to get rid of hiccups? Try these ways:

  1. Eat a slice of sour or bitter

Typically spasm passes from the fact that the esophagus falls unusual food. For example, suck a slice of lemon.

  1. Will the water

Of course, you know the way, and it really helps. Just remember that you need to drink water slowly and in small sips. Drink a glass of water. It will wash away food debris that can irritate the nerve that passes through a portion of the pharynx. Try to drink water, torso forward. For example, lean over a sink or table, put the glass away and try to empty the container.

  1. Reflexes

Put your finger on the throat, as if trying to induce vomiting. Do not overdo it, and that you do not try and call up.

  1. Funk

How to get rid of hiccups: Proven Ways

Sudden fright may also help get rid of hiccups. Loud shout or scare someone unexpected jump out of the corner. This interrupts the spasm. Be careful, not all normally relate to fear. Some weak heart, and some just do not understand your good intentions.

  1. Thread

This method is used residents of the southern regions of Texas Hispanics. Around the head in the forehead at the nose tie rope or string of red color and do not need to watch it. The method works because of the shift of attention.

  1. Sugar

Pour some sugar on the dorsum of the tongue and swallow. Can you mix a spoonful of sugar with a small amount of beer and drink.

  1. Hold your language

Open your mouth, tongue Vysun out, pull it and hold his hand a couple of seconds.