Robert Rodriguez: “We live in a golden age of television”

Robert Rodriguez: “We live in a golden age of television”


Robert Rodriguez, creator of the series “From Dusk Till Dawn» (From Dusk Till Dawn), spoke about the differences between channel show pictures from the El Rey in 1996, work on the television, and future plans. 

How did you move the cult film on the screens? 

I knew that the work on this project will be a challenge for me. Once I was offered to make From Dusk Till Dawn TV series, but I would agree only if we Quentin Tarantino could actively participate in its creation. Then, of course, I did not have its own channel on which it could be shown that show, taking his hands full control of the project … 

When I first read the script for Quentin, he found that it was not a Mexican flavor. I conducted a study of Aztec mythology, which allowed us to make changes to the text. Last year I ran the channel El Rey and decided that the series “From Dusk Till Dawn” will not only attract new viewers, but also help realize many ideas that do not get to use in the film. Cool that Tarantino created characters finally became heroes television show.

The plot of “From Dusk Till Dawn” invented special effects expert Robert Kerttsmen who helped Quentin to work on the famous scene with cutting off the ear in “Reservoir Dogs.” On the basis of its history, about a pair of robbers who in a Mexican bar encounter with a group of vampires, Robert Quentin asked to write a movie script. But the text is not too impressed Tarantino Hollywood bosses. No one wanted to take on this project. Soon, however, “Pulp Fiction” was a hit, and it aroused the interest of other works of Quentin. We decided not to give up the opportunity to make this film because a second chance could not be … 

But now audience will see two of the series “the price of one,” because in our show, as in the picture in 1996, combines crime saga and supernatural thriller. 

How did it find a replacement for such a stellar cast of the movie? 

DJ Cothron was my first and only candidate for the role of Seth Gecko. Besides, he was a big fan of the original. Sure, it has a great future. Robert Patrick and Wilmer Valderrama brilliantly cope with roles that are played by the original Harvey Keiteland Cheech Marin. We managed to raise a magnificent ensemble cast … We have samples of more than fifty girls for the role of the new Salma Hayek, and only Asa Gonzalez approached this image perfectly. 

I always give the actors a lot of freedom of creativity. Usually work on television is divided into several stages, each of which can close the series. First written script, and then removed the pilot who can not get the green light from the management of the channel. When the show airs, it can still be close to any series, even if the TV network bosses have opted to put a novelty on a bad day of the week.

If I like some of the new series, the El Rey provide jobs for the entire team of the show for 13 episodes. When actors are satisfied working conditions, they talk about it to my colleagues. So, Robert De Niro has agreed to star in “Machete” because he painted George Clooney beauty Austin. As for the “From Dusk Till Dawn”, the actors of the show get a truly unique opportunity, because we Quentin would not sell our franchise to another channel. 

Are the shooting of serials work in cinema? 

Modern TV show quality as feature films. Over makeup works for us, Greg Nicotero,in record which includes the series The Walking Dead.” Technology has made ​​a big step forward. I was delighted with the makeup and visual effects on the show.Despite the fact that the budget is “From Dusk Till Dawn” is standard for series level, the picture looks as if I was shooting a feature film.

New technologies also allow me to receive real-time recording from the set in Austin. If the series takes another director, I can always stay in touch with him. This model of work, I first tried a few years ago. Now I can be in another city, continuing to follow the course of filming the screen of the phone. 

I heard that the series production is at a very fast pace. I previously offered a job on television – I know how to shoot quickly and cheaply. My team is easily adapted to new conditions to work on each episode, we spend eight days. I like the format of the TV, because I always become attached to the characters of his films. I think this is why I made ​​so many franchises. “Spy Kids” sequel got because I had to halve the script of the first film. TV also allows you to better reveal the characters. It is understandable why eminent filmmakers rushed to shoot and produce series – we live in a golden age of television.

Is there any hope to see on TV the other heroes of your paintings? 

We decided that for the first series of its own production, we need to choose an audience familiar franchise. We are currently working on two original projects. I would like to add to the morning program channel series about spies and Children Sharkboe but while we focus on the target audience, so the “Machete” or“Desperado” more likely. Viewers also waiting for the second season of the show“From Dusk Till Dawn”, which will consist of 13 episodes.