Roccat Kone XTD and Pure Color – Laser mouse with a classic...

Roccat Kone XTD and Pure Color – Laser mouse with a classic design and interesting software capabilities


Accessories German company Roccat six months ago, has already appeared in our “toolbox”: keyboard Isku FX was rather interesting product. Today we look at two mouse Hamburg producer – Roccat Kone XTD and Pure Color, and also say a few words about keeping them company rug Roccat Taito.


  • Laser Sensor Pro-Aim R3 (8200 dpi)
  • Sample rate: up to 1000 Hz
  • The reading ability of the sensor: 12,000 fps, 10,8 megapixels
  • Maximum acceleration: 30G
  • Maximum speed: 3.8 m / s
  • 16-bit data path
  • Distance lofted: 1-5 mm
  • 32-bit microcontroller based on the ARM Turbo Core V2 72MHz
  • 576 KB embedded memory
  • Smoothing hand tremor
  • Braided USB-cable 1.8m

Technical characteristics of the two mice are the same. Differ only in size and weight: approximately 135 × 78 × 39 mm and 118 g (without weights) at Kone XTD and about 120 × 70 × 36 mm and 97 g in Kone Pure Color.

  • Resolution: 400 × 320 × 5 mm


Among all three products is the only accessory we found in the box with the mouse Kone XTD. This plastic case containing four sinker weight of 5 g Otherwise, nothing worthy of attention.


Both belong to the mouse Roccat Kone one series and have a similar design – the classical form and the standard button layout. The main differences are in the additional controls and more interesting lighting at Kone XTD, which is the older model.

The main material of the mouse is coated plastic soft-touch, pleasant to the touch and barely susceptible to fingerprints. He applied silver outline, apparently, the same «roccat», in whose honor and named manufacturer. Glossy strip between soft-touch panels are highlighted with different colors. According to some information from the web, a manufacturer of switches Mouse Roccat is a long-established company with the best hand Omron.

In contrast to many other mice, both Roccat Kone truncated upper bound proportional to the length of the fingers. In other words, the left button for the index finger is slightly shorter than the right, designed for medium. However, the difference is very small.
The top of the Kone XTD are three additional buttons. Under the wheel – increases and decreases in DPI (there are five levels) over the wheel – button Win. The location of all these buttons causes no trouble, except that to the bottom of them is uncomfortable stretch. Note that the wheel in Roccat Kone XTD can be deflected sideways and that will be very useful when working with large documents when there is a need for horizontal scrolling.

On the left side there is a pair of buttons for broad thumb. By default, the function of the back Easy Shift, ie in combination with other mouse buttons gives new team. Return it to a more logical “Backward” easily using proprietary tools.

On the bottom side, in addition to the laser sensor Pro Aim R3, compartment is designed for four additional sinker. They are held in only by the cover. Nevertheless, no rattles during use, we have not noticed.

Junior model, Roccat Kone Pure Color, different smaller size, because of what seems to us a little more comfortable. Our sample had a coloring Polar Blue. The range has three other color variations that can be evaluated on the site producer.

Blue plastic Pure Color touch as more pleasant than the soft-touch top panel. Blue illuminated logo. Set of controls gutted: no button on a wheel, and the scroller can not be tilted to the side. This difference can be critical only in individual cases, and in general more pleasant tactile sensation outweigh the scales in favor of a younger model.
Side faces Kone Pure Color functionally identical to the lateral faces Kone XTD. The difference is in color and tactile sensations from the material. Cables both mice have textile braid.

Mouse Roccat, got us on the charts, do not claim to originality. But in the presence of a full set of amenities, including a button for the thumb and horizontal deflection scroller. Their convenient location coupled with quality materials and attractive, not excessive backlighting can be the key to success.

Pro mat Taito not much to say. Tissue surface, rubberized coating for adhesion to the table, and between them – foam layer. Total five millimeters in thickness.


With the help of software available Roccat user setting commands, as well as levels of sensitivity. You can set five values ​​from 200 to 8200 dpi in increments of 200 – a very decent value too rough for jewelry settings.

In the Install button commands are duplicated not just. Each of them can be assigned to an extra command while pressing a button Easy Shift. This feature can simultaneously use both the keyboard and mouse Roccat (supporting the interaction mode Easy Talk).
Easy Aim function while pressing the button toggles the selected DPI at a predetermined level. Thus Roccat implements sniper mode – popular for gaming rodents function.

To adjust the backlight is available to the entire spectrum. Moreover, Kone XTD each strip can be made glossy duotone because we have available four LEDs. A highlight of the logo in Kone Pure Color can and does turn off.

List of additional settings is interesting to calibrate the sensor relative to the surface. We can even see the resulting image with the mouse.

Furthermore, the reaction can be adjusted by the gap between the mouse surface, and a voice notification. By default, they are included for a number of actions performed with the mouse. Bouncy male voice applied for scoring quickly becomes annoying.


In game battles and the daily work of both mice showed himself perfectly. All the necessary elements are there, and where you expect, so it’s time to get used not required. The only original element – Win button in Kone XTD, which is necessary to be careful not to accidentally turn on the desktop in the midst of the game. However, it is easy to assign a different function, so no problem here.

But to use Easy Shift accustomed difficult because both have to press two buttons on the mouse. But if the pair are still available to the mouse and keyboard support function Roccat Talk, everything becomes much easier, since it opens up additional features Easy Shift button can be assigned not on the mouse.

Tactile sensations from both mice very pleasant, and in this respect we want to especially mention more modest Roccat Pure Color. Work all kinds of macros are also encouraged clarity and speed. All mouse settings are saved in its internal memory, so when you go to another PC no problem.

Working with mice Roccat no luck only when we first met. After installing Kone XTD and Pure Color manipulators according to the instructions and have not earned, although illumination was all right. When you try to install on another PC, everything went smoothly. We returned to the first computer mouse and the entire procedure was repeated again by removing products from Roccat Device Manager Windows. On the second time it happened.


Mouse Roccat Kone XTD and Kone Pure Color bribe combination of classic design and familiar at the same time broad functionality. However, since it is implemented at the software level, then use it no obligation: you can disable the Easy Shift and every flicker of the notifications received in the dry residue simple manipulators quality with an attractive appearance.
At the time of this writing, the average cost of Roccat Kone XTD is about 3700 rubles, Kone Pure Color – about 3300 rubles. Here there is nothing to rejoice: judging by the prices, the German manufacturer also safely be counted among the “top tier”.


  • classic design without surprises
  • balanced lights
  • having its own memory
  • the ability to tilt wheel (Kone XTD)
  • Soft-touch materials (Kone Pure Color)
  • interoperability with keyboards using the Roccat Roccat Talk


big step when setting DPI
connectivity issues in one of the cases