Rocket Mobility’s Tomahawk of wheelchairs crawler

Rocket Mobility’s Tomahawk of wheelchairs crawler

Rocket Mobility's Tomahawk of wheelchairs crawler

Those who think that to overcome the lack of roads into “two” – a very fun and funny, is not likely to come across with soaked feet and worn heels. Car-SUV can solve many problems, but what to do, where cars cannot cope, and their legs somehow feel sorry for? The answer gave American designers.

ATV Rocket Mobility’s Tomahawk is a series of wheelchairs crawler. In fact, the rover never thought as a stroller, but can also perform this function as well. Two powerful tracks, two of the control lever, a comfortable chair, handle lock, brake and belt – all this makes the trip safe and comfortable even on any road.

ATV Rocket Mobility’s Tomahawk can reach speeds up to 10 km \ h over rough terrain and up to 35 km \ h on the highway. To go on a long journey only it is unlikely to yield capacity of the tank, which is enough for a couple of hours away, but the rover may be a good additional means of transportation at their summer cottage or outing into the countryside. Works trucks on the engine capacity of 6.5hp Weighs Rocket Mobility’s Tomahawk 172 kg, and its dimensions are 58h50h91 cm. Transport has luggage compartment and compartment for tools. If desired, you can attach the bag and a small fuel cans.

An important element of Rocket Mobility’s Tomahawk are caterpillars, which do an excellent job with the road. In addition, each track is covered with a special protective layer that allows you to move without damage to the asphalt pavement. As protective elements improve patency of snow, ice, ice. Caterpillars can easily cope with mud and sand. Provides a mechanism for automatic cleaning.

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