How to run: train endurance

How to run: train endurance


Development of an organism is always good for health. Sport is one of the best ways to combat illnesses, old age and overweight, so they are clearly worth doing. Find a nice, suitable for myself and everyone can sport – the good, that they have enough.

Unfortunately, the modern pace of life, filled with fast food and almost complete lack of mobility at work and at home, seriously affects human endurance. For full-fledged sport, whether it is table tennis and weightlifting, he just did not have enough breath. Fortunately, you can fix it – and fast enough. To do this, just need to know how to properly run.

Jerk or smoothly

Jogging distance vary considerably. Naturally, each requires its distance stamina and has its own specifics. In order to increase your stamina and restore proper functioning of the lungs, it is necessary to perform regular middle-distance running.

Short distances (up to a kilometer) will not give the desired effect: they can be overcome with some effort one quick jerk, taking acceleration even from the start. The funny thing is the work of breathing has virtually no role: even wrong breathable athlete capable of adequately run a short distance. The only unpleasant consequence is the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles – but it can be overcome.

Cultivate the habit of breathing correctly can daily running 2-3 kilometers without stopping and breaks. This distance is almost impossible to take a jerk – taking acceleration too early, the athlete quickly peter out and get away with distance. In order to run this distance, you need to spend wisely forces and breathe correctly.

Breathing technique and running technique

In order to run is not only useful, but also fun, you need to know a few simple rules. First – you can not breathe the air mouth, even heavily panting. Breath should always be through the nose and the mouth – only exhale. At the same time a good idea to develop a breathing rhythm, the beat falls four steps – then breathing will remain calm, the flow of oxygen in the blood will be stable and dosage.

Now – about how to properly run. Desirable to choose to run straight track without potholes, bumps and holes, to avoid any danger of injury. Run should be based only on the toes (toes) – then gravity pressing the runner to the ground, to be amortized in the ground, and not give a shudder in the bones and stomach if thump on the pavement heels.

Desirable from the start to take not too slow and not too fast paced – optimum speed will be found a few days later jogging. Need to find a middle ground between speed and accumulation of fatigue – even if three kilometers not seem heavy load.

Distance can be gradually increased, bringing it to the marathon rules, but it is a matter of professional athletes. In order to adequately meet the first day in the gym, that’s enough out of breath and the ability to run three miles a day.

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