Russia will reflect cosmic threats, creating cyborgs and “next-generation Internet”

Russia will reflect cosmic threats, creating cyborgs and “next-generation Internet”


The Russian Government has identified a list of priority research tasks, which the country will in the coming years. Work on new technologies will be the federal centers for collective use of scientific equipment. List of priorities set by the government, formed by the analysis of voting in which enterprises and organizations in the country have offered more than 770 initiatives.

Centers of scientific equipment will be formed on the basis of research institutes and universities and commercial structures. Besides research centers appear and industrial plants.

The most unusual item in the list of initiatives was a proposal to study the possibility of the integration of organic and inorganic materials. In one of the initiatives set out a proposal for the creation of so-called cyborgs. Scientists have noted that the study of the possibilities of implementing technology in the human body will help to develop the Russian Transplantation and treat many injuries and illnesses.

Interested, as the practice in Russia and the development of robotics. Although recently Russia has not yet received significant development interest in the art is constantly growing, as the scientists and the public, and in industry. It is known that in Russia will also be running your own project to create AI “machine-brain.” However, here, as explained by the scientists, highly intelligent technique again planning to use in medicine.

As for the medicine itself, here the scientists intend to focus all their attention on the study of the human nervous system and, in particular, his brain, which to this day remains the most unexplored human body.

Among the 770 projects envisaged by the government, a large number devoted to the development of extractive industries. Most country’s interest to increase the efficiency of extraction of metals, including strategically important.