16.03.2014 8:21

Russian authorities intend to build in the Arctic submarine industrial “city”

In “RG” published an article “A look into the abyss,” Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, which states that Russia intends to devote serious attention to the development of mining technology. Deputy Prime Minister spoke about the prospects of Russia’s presence in the Arctic and plans to further expand the shelf. Rogozin reminded of the “nervous reaction” of the Western countries to the fact the installation of the Russian flag on the Arctic Ocean, and said that it was time for a technological breakthrough.

According to Rogozin, the technology of extraction of gas and oil, which are used in the world today on the Arctic shelf simply do not apply, so new approaches are needed. Innovation will be in building complexes complete production cycle under water. Automatic underwater facilities will include a means of drilling, production of useful substances and training products. Will be provided and reconnaissance ships and carriers.

“While this sounds quite fantastic, but it is our vision of the future development of the Arctic, which is based on a sober assessment of our capabilities,” – wrote the vice premier.

Eco-safety of these complexes will fully conform to established standards in the world, the official assured. Will be provided by him, and a system of protection against tampering by other states.

Rogozin collapse Arctic new project, the embodiment of which will definitely take more than one decade of “gateway to Hydrospace” and area “tangible geopolitical interests.”

Article sparked controversy Internet users: someone figured this stuff joke, someone believes that the volume of investment can not be compared even with investments in the Olympics, someone thinks that to get to the day the ocean does not succeed, and someone said that such an investment would be very beneficial to the case of the Third World.