Russian market: Black Tuesday?

Russian market: Black Tuesday?


On the background of geopolitical tensions in Ukraine Monday for the Russian market became “black” . Repeated if a similar situation today?

Shares of the largest companies trading results literally fallen in price. 17.5% fell VTB quotes ” Gazprom ” fell by 13.9 % , ” Gazprom oil ” – by 9.3 % , ” Lukoil ” – by 7.4 % , ” Novatek ” – 15.7% , “Norilsk Nickel” – by 4.7%, ” Polyus Gold ” – 9% , ” Rosneft ” – by 5.4% , ” Rostelecom ” – by 9.4 % , Sberbank of Russia – by 14.9 % , ” Surgut ” – by 4.1 % , ” Tatneft ” – by 2.6%.

The collapse of the RTS and MICEX became altogether record since autumn 2008 crisis

Shares fall as otherwise can not be called excessive . Behavior of traders on Monday was more like a tantrum. Since it was caused by geopolitical factors , then estimate costs primarily changes in this direction.

But major changes are actually not. West continues to threaten Russia with sanctions , but while on the level of conversation . Although the war of words politicians adds nervousness in the market , it is better to operate the facts.

For completeness, it is worth recalling the history of previous landslides in the Russian market . Suffice it to refresh the memory of August 2011 Then volatility soared to historic highs in the moment and exceeded the mark of 100 points . Yesterday volatility reached 85 points – exorbitant levels .

Over the past year and a half this figure barely rose above 30 points.

At this level of volatility in the market are extremely chaotic.

Assets can change direction very quickly , while making quite a strong movement in one or the other side. Yesterday, the market is clearly demonstrated .

Additional irritant Russian investors yesterday became negative trend in foreign markets , but today this is not observed , at least for now .

As for the situation in Ukraine, it is quite dynamic, so the latest news is there you can wait at any time. Well and how traders react emotionally , it was already enough reasons to make sure. However, while the situation seems to be more or less stable, and to repeat the grim situation Monday prerequisites do not, at least at first glance , then things can change.