In Russian nesting doll-house built of thermopanels

In Russian nesting doll-house built of thermopanels


In the near future list of the most unusual houses will join project of Russian architect Ivan Drkin, who decided to build a plan from Novosibirsk house in the form of nesting dolls. But the uniqueness of the unusual shape of the house is not limited. It is known that in the house will be used unique energy-efficient design.

Architect Dyrkin own experience has demonstrated its commitment to this kind of experiments. He lives for the second year in-house dome, which is built with their own hands. He lives in this house is very comfortable. And neighbors who at first called Drkin eccentric and even laughed at him today glance at his house with envy. As it turned out, the house that resembles a tent, just looks a little funny, but really, it is practical and convenient. In winter, when the house is snowing, it was like a traditional dwelling Inuit – the needle. A test temperatures house tent stood on the “5 +”.

To keep the house warm enough one cord yard per day. Large window provides insight into home maximum sunlight, which are well-heated house since March.

For his new project – House Matryoshka architect Ivan Dyrkin decided to use thermal panels . Recently, this material gets in the construction market is growing in popularity due to the fact that allows you to convert the building to modern energy-saving design.

Facade thermal panels in their design is extremely simple and very reliable. If the facade were used thermopanel, then this day retains heat in winter and in summer – a pleasant coolness. Building, built thermopanels, enhances the thermal insulation characteristics of 100 – 400%, thereby reducing the cost of heating. Experts say that it may become apparent contribution to the budget.

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