Russian programmer suggested manage smartphone using insoles FootSense

Russian programmer suggested manage smartphone using insoles FootSense


Russian inventor and programmer has created a device that has been called FootSense. Gadget, authorship, which belongs to the team of Igor Barinov is nothing like insole. FootSense looks like a very ordinary insole for shoes and at first glance a little different from most other insoles that are hard to see people. The main feature of these insoles is that using them can manage almost any smartphone.

Creator FootSense told that while insoles are able to not so much as he would like, but a lot more than he expected when he took over the project. Today using FootSense can make phone calls to several numbers. Also with this device can send a text message. Regarding the latter, it will have to learn Morse code, which makes the insole FootSense several specialized.

In addition, the author noted, FootSense can turn on and off camera, can do the same thing with a voice recorder and even some mobile applications. Based on the principle of the whole powerful toes pressed to different parts of the insole.

To be useful such insole FootSense?

The team that worked on FootSense proposed wide list of potential customers, which included gamers, office workers, athletes, people with disabilities and many other categories. Insoles may also be useful in an emergency, when there is a need to make a call, dial the number but simple way – is not possible.

Relative cost FootSense not yet known. Output device on the market is expected in the near future and in the U.S., as it was there temporarily resides created insoles. The inventor said that while investment in the project it will search for a means kraudfandinga. In the Russian market fancy gadget will appear in case of success in September.