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Ryse: Son of Rome – Gladiator style 300

Among starting exclusives Xbox One gunman Ryse: Son of Rome holds a special place. Game started to develop more for Xbox 360, in particular for motion controller Kinect. Then landmarks changed.Kinect has ceased to be the basis of the game, left him for minor functions, and management was transferred to the usual hero gamepad. Become a platform for developing next-generation console, allowing creators to spread wider shoulders and create one of the most beautiful fighters to date, impressive as the graphics and sophisticated artistic style.

Developer Crytek
Publisher Microsoft
Official Site http://crytek.com/games/ryse/
Platforms Xbox One
Genres Action adventure
Released Games November 22, 2013

The draft has been invested a lot of money, but it concerns primarily clearance. Ancient Roman topic in itself attractive. Pompous buildings, marble statues, bright armor Legionnaires contrasted with poor border villages, brutal rituals druids and barbarians dresses made of animal skins and bones of wild animals. Crytek commented on the various threads of the Holy Empire tried to show on all sides, from top to bottom. And allow us to be at the epicenter of momentous events, turning the audience directly involved in massive wars, gladiator fights and punitive raids.


Ryse tells the story of a long period of life Marius Titus, a centurion of the Roman army. History served spurts through eight chapters with large time gaps between them. Because of this happening is not perceived as a complete picture, rather like a mosaic. Often surprising naivete, even more things are moving along a predictable scenario (especially if you’ve seen the movie “Gladiator“).Individual episodes cause his guileless smile transitions gods appear and disappear, causing even more problems (so it makes sense to look in the local directory is replenished as it passes). But the emotional stress transferred superbly. Worried for the hero and his enemies want to quickly see strung sword Marius. Is largely due to the wonderful acting, expressive faces and lively facial expressions.

Ryse creators did not bother to concerns about the consistency of the story. In fact the game is a Roman version of Call of Duty. Hero throws at different points on the map of the empire, the number of staged scenes makes you forget about the simplicity of the combat mechanics, I want to see more, and the game does not disappoint, cranking the pace and scale confrontations. Marius fights with savages alone keeps the defense fortress in the army, with a detachment of storming enemy fortifications, and then enters the arena of the Colosseum and oversees the work of the mechanisms of this stunning structures that for a second, eyes, rearrange scenery.


As for the combat mechanics, it is too simple and fully revealed in the first chapter. Does not require any maneuver or biding time to attack. Block on one button, with his sword and shield on the second and third, rolls in the fourth. If you hold the button strike, the attack intensified. If you master the technique of “perfect block”, that is time to expose the shield under the axes and clubs, then briefly stuns the enemy. This allows you to easily deal is with all opponents in the game, including bosses.Battles with the latest generally surprised by the simplicity, though spectacularly furnished.

Despite the primitiveness of difficult battles break through spectacular executions. Marius seems, took a special course “One hundred and one more way to disembowel a barbarian.” He cuts off the savages hands and feet, heel crumbles their skulls, the sword cuts the throat, shield breaks bones. If stun at the edge of the abyss, then Marius throws him into the abyss. If there have thorns – skewer them. If pressed to the wall – it starts in a frenzy to beat in the stomach.

During executions enemies appear not soulless puppets. Their faces are skewed wrath, malice, misunderstanding and agony. Closeup atrocities demonstrated that the viewer did not miss a single moment, in moderation, with champing flesh and bones crunching. Eventually open more inventive finishing, but … it’s the only thing that maintains interest with numerous process, similar battles.Besides them Marius obtuse fun mini-games at shooting catapult management detachment of legionaries and … Well, that’s all.


Monotony is happening is the main disadvantage of the game. Marius always fighting with the same weapons – a sword and shield. Sometimes throwing spears. System development is, but devoid of ideology. It seems that the authors are tightened at the last moment. Centurion gets experience, earning levels and pumps characteristics associated with increased vitality, increase the rate of accumulation of experience and improvement of “focus”, a local analogue “rage.” However, new techniques do not appear, Marius becomes faster and stronger. For penalty opponents can choose one of four bonuses: to improve health (the only method of treatment) or, for example, to increase the resulting experience.

Search for “secrets” in the corridor two meters wide no interest. So it can only admire the opening types, watch videos and humbly stomp on, reveling in executions. Oddly enough, this is enough to enthusiastically spend 6-7 hours.

Multiplayer Ryse «multiplayer” is a stretch. He can play a maximum of a couple, but online is empty.How we try to establish a connection with someone though, nothing worked. However, you can play it and it alone.

In online games as a protagonist playing a gladiator who fights in the arena of the Colosseum to the rolling waves of barbarians. When one stage is complete, the arena is rebuilt, new conditions, the problem is complicated. Have to control the territory, blocking the entry point for the barbarians, to destroy towers with archers. Gladiator gradually opens new items of equipment, from the beggar in his underpants becomes mighty warrior in armor. It is a pity that the authors have spoiled it unobtrusive entertainment pay supplements. Sell ​​everything, even new game modes. A combat mechanics remains exactly the same as in the campaign: simple and obvious, so this kind of entertainment quickly become boring.


Ryse went very wrong time, at the start of the new generation consoles. If the game went on sale today, when the screen in full rage Greeks and Persians , and they are fighting in the same pretentious blood-slow style as Marius, it would be waiting for more success. And so, the game crushed autumn hits peretyanuvshie attention of buyers.

Hard to say, it is worth buying or not Ryse. It depends on what you like. If you want, once the citizens of Rome, “bread and circuses”, then there is a lot of this stuff. Marius fight without mercy, every movement demonstrates the superiority over the barbarians trained warrior. He travels to the most beautiful corners of the Holy Empire: Forests, cities, mountains and sea. Artists tried to fill his way impressive panoramas. The plot keeps the tension and staging and acting are forced to worry about the hero and easily turn a blind eye to the discrepancies.

At the same time Ryse traversed in a few hours, the gameplay is monotonous, so-called “multiplayer” is quickly bored – full of flaws. But even more vivid impressions. In the end, on the Xbox One is now the only game that shows that the “new generation” is now.


  • A fascinating story, excellent production scene clips
  • Stunning graphics and detail, especially worth highlight lighting
  • Gorgeous, varied and detailed scenery
  • Ideal behavior of the camera during executions
  • A huge variety of executions


  • Immature combat mechanics makes fights in repetition of the same action
  • One weapon, new techniques do not appear as you progress through
  • Multiplayer concept is interesting, but because of the simple combat system quickly fizzles