How does salt water bottle and what it is

How does salt water bottle and what it is

How does salt water bottle and what it is
Today we tell you about what is and how it works salt water bottle why of it such rave reviews walk among the people.

You probably heard about this product, which is a great way to maintain a certain local body temperature. But it also has a cooling effect. Let’s see what and how the salt water bottle.

What is it?

So, it is warmer, which can be of any shape and size, and is designed for repeated use. The sealed container is made of a dense material and is filled with high salt. Inside it you can see the applicator through which runs a hot water bottle.

Due to the materials from which the shell is made, and the filler, salt water bottle is environmentally friendly means, allergy-free.

How to use this miracle device salt water bottle

If you want to use a heating pad as a hot compress, then you need to activate, cracked applicator. The filler is almost instantaneously heated and solidified. Next, you can apply it to the affected area three or four hours. After cooling means should be restored, which wrap it in a cloth, put in hot water and hold until the full conversion of the crystals in the liquid. Further take a hot water bottle and leave to cool.

How does salt water bottle as a cold compress? If you wish to use a heating pad to cool the area of ​​the body (bruises, sprains), the first place it in the freezer for thirty or forty minutes. And only then can be used for other purposes.

Principle of operation

Salt water bottle – it’s not a magic thing, it works on the principles of chemistry and physics. Brine is in equilibrium, which is disrupted by the fracture of the applicator. Filler begins to crystallize, and this process is accompanied by heat, so hot water bottle. To restore you need to start the reverse process, ie, dissolve salt crystals, and for this it is necessary to heat. That is why you should put salt in hot water heating pad.

After reading about this universal means as salt water bottle, you probably want to buy it. You can find it at any pharmacy, salon, specializing in products for the health. However, before applying better consult your doctor, who will select for you the optimum temperature and give other recommendations.