Samsung is developing a virtual reality helmet to integrate with your smartphone

Samsung is developing a virtual reality helmet to integrate with your smartphone


With the development of the power of computer hardware and peripherals miniaturization many companies that specialize in products for gamers offered on the market of virtual reality helmets. Modern devices are not quite correct to call helmets, because for the most part they are in the form of points.

Naturally, the next step in the development of this market segment expected emergence of a generation of virtual reality helmets for portable mobile devices – smartphones, tablets. And Engadget reported that Samsung and Oculus conduct joint development of a new product in the field of virtual reality. The result of their collaboration is to become a virtual reality helmet with the ability to integrate with a smartphone. This information is derived from sources of both companies.

During the works, the company responsible for the direction, so Samsung is responsible for the hardware part of the project, and Oculus for the software part of the future joint product. This division of labor in the interests of both developers. Samsung struggles to occupy a leading position in the market for smartphones game helmets, but he does not have the time and resources needed to carry out such development. Oculus also, having some experience in works of a similar level, gained access to naisvezhayshaya development partner in part, namely, the OLED-display with a resolution that far exceeds the parameters of contemporary FullHD.

Samsung, in turn, gained access to the development Oculus, namely the SDK, a mobile version. Now Samsung engineers are testing prototypes of virtual reality helmet on the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4. The finished product is fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5, moreover, this helmet will be released under a specially optimized smartphone.

In fact, this helmet does not have its screen to get a feel of virtual reality he uses the smartphone screen. To all the features of this helmet may be added also the possibility of using mobile camera devices to the user was able to watch what is happening around him without having to remove the head is an interesting device.