Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and Galaxy A7 Pro: release date, price, review,...

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and Galaxy A7 Pro: release date, price, review, specifications

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and Galaxy A7 Pro: release date, price, review, specifications

In 2017, in comparison with the year 2016, the Samsung has decided not to make any radical changes: last year was 4 main line phones – J, A, S, Note, and will continue to develop this year. The first to receive the update smartphones Galaxy A series: Galaxy A7 2017, Galaxy A5 2017 and Galaxy A3 2017.

2017 By the way, though, and in the structure of the corporation is not any innovation in the model number of Galaxy A appeared. Instead, the version with the prefix Duos, which was placed on the gadget with more improved features, now costs Pro. In this review, you can be among the first to see the characteristics of the phone Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A7 Pro 2017 to learn about the date of the appearance on the shelves of your country, as well as read the detailed comparison with the Galaxy A5 2017 and Galaxy A3 2017.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A7 Pro 2017 Specifications, review

  • Display: Super Amoled, 5,7 “in A7 and 6.0” (plum insiders) at A7 Pro, the resolution of both 1920×1080 pixels (FullHD)
  • Processor: 64-bit Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7880, 8 cores ARM Cortex-A53, the maximum frequency of 1.9 GHz
  • Graphics Processing Unit: Mali-T860 MP3 cores running at 3 GHz frequency in 0.95
  • Memory (RAM): 3 GB
  • Built-in Memory (ROM): 32 GB, expandable SD memory card up to 256 GB
  • Main Camera: 16 megapixel, f / 1.9, LED-flash
  • Selfies Camera: 16 megapixel, f / 1.9
  • Support for two SIM cards
  • Owner recognition module fingerprint: there
  • Battery: 3600 mAh removable, the possibility of rapid charging
  • Operating System: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, upgrade to 7.0 in the future
  • Antutu: 50,000 points
  • Material: aluminum alloy, glass

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 – a typical representative of the middle class in a slightly inflated price for the brand. In many ways, the device is similar to last year’s flagship from Samsung – Galaxy S7. The design corresponds to the price segment: slightly nedotyagivaet the most beautiful smartphone, but the eye is still happy. The body is made of aluminum alloy, on the back there is a 3D-glass, which is called 2,5D glass.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and Galaxy A7 Pro: release date, price, review, specifications

The screen Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 also has on offer a protective glass, so this phone so bad being protected from falls. By the way, he not only protected from hitting the ground from a height: IP68 ingress protection for the present standard. That is, with this gadget can be like a walk in the desert, and splashing in the pool, but we recommend that you do not shoot video in a deep lake, because IP68 allows to dive to a depth of only one and a half meters. Now let’s look more closely smartphone: the top of the screen is a corporation logo, front-facing camera, and a couple of conversational grid sensors.

Bottom location is not changed, probably, with the Galaxy the start line: the physical “Home” button, and touch – a “menu” and “back”. The central button is installed fingerprint sensor. On the bottom there is a connector for a headset, a microphone port and USB Type-C, on the top – a tray for SIM cards. On the left side face is a slot for SIM-cards, and key volume control on the right – the power button. FullHD screen resolution, which is standard in many devices ranging from low-end, finishing with top-end flagships. Due to the matrix Super Amoled, on your smartphone, you can view the time even when it is in sleep mode.

One depressing: a screen diagonal of 5.7″ approach is not everything, and planshetofon Galaxy A7 Pro 2017 which is announced in the near future, will generally 6.0″. Although, who knows, maybe someone like this size. The choice of members is available 4 colors: black, gold, pink and gold and blue.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and the Samsung Galaxy A7 Pro 2017 in the hardware are similar: 64-bit chipset Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7880, which runs on 8 cores ARM Cortex-A53 with a frequency of 1.9 GHz, video accelerator is a Mali-T860 MP3, which operates 3 cores, amount of RAM is 3 Gb, and the ROM – 32 GB.

Increase the memory, you can use microSD-memory card of up to 256 GB. In tests antutu unit reveals itself not as it should be: 61172 total parrot. The phone runs Android OS 6.0.1 Marshmallow, in the future will upgrade to version 7.0 Nougat.

The battery is not removable, has a function of rapid charging, and the volume is 3600 mAh. We’ll have to charge the device every day, or sit at the wrong time, in connection with such a large screen and a relatively small battery. The interesting thing is that with Galaxy A7 2017 and Galaxy A7 Pro 2017 you can pay for purchases, thanks to NFC technology and MST and service Samsung Pay.

Camera modules in 2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 good. And selfie camera and the main camera have a 16 megapixel sensor aperture of f / 1.9. Pictures were taken at Galaxy S7, which already was a conversation above.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and Galaxy A7 Pro: release date, price, review, specifications

Samsung Galaxy A 2017 comparison lineup

Galaxy A 2017 lineup consists currently of three smartphones: Galaxy A7 in 2017, the Galaxy 2017 the A5 and Galaxy A3 2017. What is the difference? Galaxy A7 2017 – this is the most powerful device lineup, Galaxy A5 2017 a little easier, and Galaxy A3 2017 generally can be classified as state employees.

The differences between Galaxy A5 2017 there is little, only the screen (size A7 at 5.7 “, while the A5 – 5.2”), battery (3600 in 3000 against the most powerful in the A5) and price ($550 for the older model and 28 for average). The rest of the phones are the same. At this point everything is clear: better to buy an average model, as the battery will be held at the same level, and in the 5000, you can buy something to eat. For example, 250 packets of instant noodles.

Galaxy A3 in 2017, we do not advise you to consider as having accumulated the same 5 thousand rubles can buy Galaxy A5 2017, which is much better than Galaxy A3 2017. Why it is not necessary to buy it, because I like the little smart phones? This question can be heard frequently. You’ll have to forget the small size and move to planshetofony, because of modest-sized devices modest iron.

Samsung Galaxy A3 is installed in 2017 8-core Samsung Exynos 7870 with a refresh rate of 1.6 GHz, RAM 2 GB of ROM – 16 GB. In antutu device navryadli pick even 50 thousand. The cameras also worse, and on the battery should be generally silent – 2350 mAh. This is not in any frame will not do. Therefore, our verdict is: Samsung Galaxy A7 in 2017 for those who love the large size and ready to sacrifice six-month supply of noodles, Samsung Galaxy A7 Pro 2017 – for those who like a huge, Galaxy A5 2017 – the most balanced version, for all the Samsung fans and Galaxy A3 2017 for those who have started to withdraw from small smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A7 Pro 2017 release date, price

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 will arrive on store shelves in January 2017 at a price $556. The announcement of Samsung Galaxy A7 Pro 2017 will take place in March-April this year. The cost is not yet known.

Source: gsmarena