Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) – an updated budget segment Samsung – review,...

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) – an updated budget segment Samsung – review, specifications, price, reviews, release date

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) - updated budget segment Samsung - review, specifications, price, reviews, release date

The network simply captivated information that the South Korean company did not present its flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017, and in fact, it presented its top model in this exhibition for many years.

New in 2017 are generally not very positive start for the company: senior vice president of Samsung was taken into custody and accused of taking bribes in the amount of $ 40 million.

What do the South Korean company in such a difficult situation? Of course, to produce new and cool smartphones. Despite the fact that the flagship device release may be postponed for an indefinite period, at the Samsung there is an interesting device. For example, the initial smartphone line J – Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017). For more than a year, the modification did not receive the update.

By the way, judging by the information that we have available at the time of writing, Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) will be very fit device.

This information material we will make a detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017), compare it with the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) and Xiaomei Redmen 4. Let’s start?

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017): Specifications and Features

To begin with, that will spend her short compared with the previous generation of Samsung Galaxy series J1. What will change in the new product in 2017? Yes, almost everything.

If the rumors are true, then we are waiting for the explosive smartphone, which will be a real hit budget. First, the device size changes relate. New Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) will be more than its predecessor. The reason for this will become a large display and 5″.

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) - updated budget segment Samsung - review, specifications, price, reviews, release date

The network actively Force information that the phone will receive a screen 5.5″, but most likely this will not happen, that it is a very big leap in dimensions and forays into neighboring models, for example, on Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017). If we talk about the characteristics of the display, they also pump over: IPS-matrix resolution of 1920×1080 pixels at 800h450 against Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016), you feel the difference? No?

So you feel sure if you will take these two devices at the same time together. The budget model gives only the fact that the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) has not been established Super AMOLED matrix, but IPS is not a failure. As for performance, the Samsung company immediately and completely surprised us: eight-core Snapdragon processor 625 with an operating frequency of 2.21 GHz.

And it is for the entry-level smartphone. At the old modification is unfortunate quad-core Exynos 3457, which is a half-hearted launches Doodle Jump. Snapdragon 625 – is a worthy solution that can support the performance of the smartphone at a high level. You can say for sure that most of the today’s applications and games will run on Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) without any problems. It will help the smartphone supports performance up to standard 2GB of RAM.

Some sources claim that the release will be Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) to 3 GB, but this is some kind of a fairy tale – too cool for the state from Samsung, given that Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) was in possession of only 1 GB.

The volume of user memory in the smartphone will also be tightened to the proper level: 32 GB or 64 GB, if the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) will receive two versions. Last year’s model could only dream of such volumes of memory, and in fact took place only a year?

Cases with the main camera in Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) will obstruct quite well – 13 MT. No other camera features no, but 13 MPs from Samsung – a guarantee that the images under normal conditions will be obtained on the level. Quality images should not wait for the front camera – 5MP. Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) was very bad in mobile photography.

This is due to the weak characteristics of both modules: front – 2MP, Rear – 5MP. As for battery life, it will be tightened to the point that one day supports the work of a powerful processor and a larger screen size. 3000 mAh battery – the battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017). In the smartphone will function fast charging, so it can be charged up to 100% in about two hours.

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) - updated budget segment Samsung - review, specifications, price, reviews, release date

One of the most pleasant news – is that the brand new Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) will run on Android 7.0 right out of the box. Forgot to mention the design of the device, but nothing fundamentally will not change in appearance. The smartphone will look a little tidier than the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016).

It has several prerequisites: the frame around the display will already have the back cover will be the interesting relief, the display will take up most of the front panel.

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017), price, reviews, release date

Oh, and intrigued by our company Samsung as Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) can get the really interesting device that made a considerable stir in the segment of smartphones to $ 200.

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) - updated budget segment Samsung - review, specifications, price, reviews, release date

Yes, Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) will cost about as much. It is safe to say that this is a price for the Samsung phone. The exact release date of Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) is still unknown and is kept secret, but we assume that the smartphone will be available in spring 2017 and will present it at the MWC 2017.

Its review of the Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) we will leave it in the form the main pros and cons.

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) advantages:

  • Decent performance
  • Cool screen
  • Quick charge

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2017) Disadvantages:

  • Dull design
  • The high price, when compared with the Chinese
  • The absence of a fingerprint scanner

Source: Samsung