22.11.2017 3:59

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini: Compact flagship with Infinity Display

We have new rumors about upcoming smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini with powerful specifications and almost bezel-less Infinity Display. The new smartphone promises to continue the popular series of compact flagships of South Korean company.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini: Display

Some sources say that new smartphone will have very small display with a diagonal of 4 inches, while others – it will be 5.1-inch, like Galaxy S7. However, thanks to thin bezels, the size of the smartphone will be no more than iPhone SE. As you know, Apple does not plan to continue the series of compact phones.

The idea is really good: not all users need a huge phone with full-screen design. However, if there is big display with thin bezels and compact size, then it can be very popular. Moreover, new Galaxy S9 Mini has no competitors yet.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini: compact flagship with Infinity Display

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini: Camera

It is mini version of flagship, so we have to sacrifice something. For example, there will be single camera. So, it doesn’t have zoom, HDR-images for one click of the shutter and popular bokeh effect.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini: compact flagship with Infinity Display

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini: Performance

There are rumors that like the predecessors of Galaxy S5 Mini, new Galaxy S9 Mini will not become a full flagship. It will get more simple hardware. For example, it may have Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or a similar to its power chipset Exynos. Also there will be only 4GB of RAM instead of 6GB.

There is also the question of Face Recogranation and Iris Scanner on Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini. The manufacturer will have to give up one of them. Also, the battery capacity will be smaller.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini: compact flagship with Infinity Display

We think that Samsung removes 3.5 mm jack for headphones and headsets, Bixby smart voice assistant call button and  microSD card slot. It is very big step, but do not forget that Galaxy S9 Mini is a mini version, not a full flagship.

Instead of traditional mini-jack, another leak says that Samsung cooperates with AKG in developing high-quality wireless headphones with a microphone.

Galaxy S9 Mini: Price and release date

The most important question, or rather even two: how much Galaxy S9 Mini will cost and in what countries it is planned to sell. At the moment we cannot answer these questions. We are waiting for new rumors and information.

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Source: knowyourmobile