Samsung has introduced a free music streaming service for owners of Milk...

Samsung has introduced a free music streaming service for owners of Milk Music Galaxy devices


Samsung has introduced a streaming music service called Milk Music, which uses a catalog of musical compositions of the popular internet radio Slacker of 13 million tracks. Service Samsung Milk Music unites more than 200 radio stations, it’s free and so far spared from the ads.

Among the key features of the eponymous application to work with the service Milk Music is to provide easy navigation and a large rotating disk with which you can quickly select one of the genre of music stations with multiple tracks.

As for the controls, the application interface, everything looks simple and logical. Located on the main screen playback buttons, skip track, calling the main menu allows you to mark your favorite song, to prohibit reproduction of it in the future or include its own station, and call additional functions (control stations, setting the list of genres to control disc playback history, viewing a list of favorite songs, and application settings).

Using the Spotlight My Stations and options, users can only play the most popular or most often listen to track other users and create your own music stations, which will only play your favorite songs and albums.

Many other service settings allow you to optimize the choice of music, making it quick and easy. For example, a rotating disk interface can be configured to display only those genre stations, music best match the user’s taste.

Simple and easy application to work with a service available for free download from the store Google Play . However, it is available only to owners of devices Galaxy, as part of its policy to build influence in the field of software Samsung seeks thus differentiate their devices against many other Android-devices.

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