12.06.2014 4:59

In Sao Paulo against activists with tear gas and stun grenades, six hours before the opening of the World Cup

In the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo celebrations to mark the opening of the World Cup, marred by clashes between police and protesters unhappy with the actions of the authorities. Six hours before the ceremony, police dispersed a protest using tear gas and stun grenades. In clashes five people were injured, including an employee of the American TV channel CNN.

According to Globo News , protest took place in the eastern part of Sao Paulo. The footage Footage of Brazilian TV channel can be seen that initially a small crowd of protesters rallied in the square cordoned metal railings. Along these fences were police and internal troops in flak jackets and rifles.Subsequently, as reported by Reuters, between security forces and protesters started the brawl.

After the clashes to the venue of the protest were sent reinforced police. To break up the protest law enforcement officers used tear gas and stun grenades. As noted Globo News, in the explosions injured CNN producer.

On the website of the U.S. television channel, in turn, states that received minor injuries, two journalists, among whom were a reporter and producer Shasta Darlington Arvanitidis Barbara. In total, according to the police of Sao Paulo, injuring five people. As noted in the CNN , in clashes at least one activist was arrested.

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Brazilians came out to protest, told Reuters news agency as locals because of dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities. According to the protesters, holding the World Cup proved to be too expensive, the money spent could have been spent on other government projects.

The Brazilian government, according to CNN, spent on the behavior of the football championship of 11 billion dollars, which at the current rate of about 377.5 billion rubles. For comparison, at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, whichtook place in February 2014, the Russian government, according to official data,has spent 214 billion rubles.


Protest, which later developed into clashes with the police took place as clarifies CNN, 11 kilometers from the stadium of the Brazilian football club “Corinthians”. In this arena at five pm local time (midnight GMT) on June 12 due to start the match between Brazil and Croatia. This game will be the first for the World Cup, and marks its opening.

Dilma Rousseff President of Brazil on the game will not be present. Instead, the match will visit sports minister Aldo Rebelo. Rousseff just released an article that urged Brazilians to unite in honor of the holiday and marked the important changes that have taken place in the country: increasing employment, reducing inequalities, increasing middle class. According to the president, Brazil has become “dynamic democracy”.

In Sao Paulo subway workers protest

Employees of underground Sao Paulo June 12 prodlozhili started last week on an indefinite strike. They need to raise their salaries by 12.2% and do not want to go back to work, because the state is ready to increase the salaries of only 8.7%.

Metro workers union president accused the government that they do not want to solve the problem, and said that the staff did not want to go on strike during the World Cup. Hinting that, apparently, it will still have to do.

“If they have money for the championship, as they can not find money for public transportation?” – Said the head of the striking union first day of the strike, on June 5.


At the same time the city has many kilometers of traffic jams formed (according to the media, up to 200 kilometers), according to The Wall Street Journal . 5 and 6 June, about half of the 65 subway stations Sao Paulo did not work, and the train moved from the extended drain intervals.

According to experts, strike a critical impact on the traffic situation, if you do not stop and the championship: in fact to the sports stadium, which matches will take place, viewers will have to get on the subway.

In Brazil Cuiaba before the World Cup, the cases of vandalism

In Brazil Cuiaba, where on the night of 17 June 18, the Russian team to play with a team of South Korea, cases of theft and vandalism.

In particular, the number of thefts of mobile phones, especially – in the city center and in the “Arena Pantanal,” which will be the world championship matches.

Late in the evening on June 10 pushed from unknown places giant ball “Brazuka” which was installed at the entrance to Cuiaba. On Pre Next day, June 11, the ball was put into place, ITAR-TASS reported citing local media.

“Arena Pantanal”, though it has taken four test match is still not completed. The stadium set additional constructions carried out interior decoration.

However, as we are assured the Brazilian authorities, the match Chile – Australia, which will be held on the night of 13 on June 14, all the work will be completed.

Brazilian media previously warned travelers that during the World Cup in Cuiaba possible outbreak of “swine flu”. The Russian team will arrive in Cuiaba afternoon June 16, local time.