Because of scandals with her husband Michel decided to go under the...

Because of scandals with her husband Michel decided to go under the surgeon’s knife?


U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama after the recent scandals with her husband can turn to plastic surgeons or make some Botox injections. According to her, now it’s not necessary, but the operation will allow it to “feel comfortable.” What else one is ready to go, to keep yourself in good physical shape after the upcoming 50th anniversary, the woman told the magazine People.

Among other things, the wife of the U.S. president spoke about regular colonoscopy (examination of the colon) and a number of other medical examinations. Obama recalled how important women’s health examinations and Pap smear mammalogy – diagnostic procedures to identify the early stages of breast cancer and reproductive system, and urged Americans to visit doctors at least once a year.

In this first lady admitted that their diet is almost not: according to her, she just tries to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Maintain the same good shape help her exercise on the benefits which it has five years tells American students in the program to combat obesity “Let’s Move”.

Without these activities, according to Obama, her life just limited to a first lady and not developed. “I should influence: as a professional, a mother or mentor for other people’s children. In this life and the sky is not the limit” – shared Obama’s plans for the future. In the near future spouse of the President will have to start preparing daughters for college, where 15-year-old Malia fall, when the couple leave the White House, and 12-year-old Sasha little later.

Also today, the media reported that Michelle Obama is not going to celebrate 50th birthday in Hawaii, where she threw hastened to Washington for a spouse. According to the Associated Press, the president still have to arrange a festive dance party at the White House on Saturday night, though, according to a source close to Obama, it would be a real surprise for the guests, and for the first lady. According to rumors, will entertain guests Beyonce, but sources familiar with the situation declined to comment, citing the need to save the script in secret.

Increased attention to the party, we recall due to suspicions about the imminent divorce of U.S. President. Back in December of last year, some media reported that relations between spouses recently went wrong, and the cup of patience overflowed Michelle Obama flirting with her husband, Prime Minister of Denmark Helle Thorning-Schmitt at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.