Schumacher back to life

Schumacher back to life

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schumacher life 01

Doctors have begun to conclude Michael Schumacher from coma

Doctors have started a gradual withdrawal from the coma Michael Schumacher. Overview of the latest news about the state of seven-time champion “Formula 1”.

After nearly a week of silence, a new health information sevenfold champion “Formula 1” Michael Schumacher . He’s already a month in an induced coma after a head injury in a ski resort in France. According to the French L’Equipe, hospital doctors in Grenoble decided gradual withdrawal Schumacher out of the coma, the process has already begun.

According to the source, the recent medical condition was assessed as stable, Michael, to allow for the removal of his coma.

State multiple champion “Formula 1” Michael Schumacher is in hospital in Grenoble artificial coma after brain haemorrhage … →
It is extremely difficult to make predictions about the restoration of the rider, but he was and continues to be a risk that he will never recover from the damage. According to the English neurosurgeon Colin Shifa Schumacher can develop apallic syndrome, or, simply, waking coma.

“People with this syndrome show a reaction equivalent to anger, hunger or satisfaction, but not with the consistency that healthy people. Most doctors recognize that recovery from such an injury is possible – quoted Medic Mirror. – However, between death and the ability to walk and talk there is a large range of conditions.

In my experience, sooner stick any labels on Schumacher, but doctors warn it would cost a family of such a possibility at this stage.”

Probably safe to say that for the life of Michael no longer have to fear, but what will be his condition after the release of the coma, difficult to predict. “With regard to neurological function, the more time passes, the more doubts may arise in the restoration – said neurosurgeon Patrick Mertens interview RMC Sport. – It is obvious that if two months there will be no improvement, it will be even more concern with respect to its resilience. “

Meanwhile, as the doctors are treating athlete, police are investigating. In early January, it was reported that Schumacher’s fall can be classified as an accident. As noted by the prosecutor Patrick Quincy Albertville, the incident could happen equally as due to problems with the skis, and because of speeding.

As for the route, the warning of a dangerous area to meet standards of safety. Therefore, according to the prosecutor, the charges against members of Meribel, where Schumacher was injured, not follow.

It is assumed that the investigation will be completed in early February. In addition to identifying the immediate causes of the fall of forensic experts continue to study the Red Baron ski equipment – including his battered helmet. Experts are concerned about the possible technical defects.

Meanwhile colleagues Schumacher, athletes and fans continue to hold shares in its support. Made its contribution to the team and “Mercedes” for which Michael spoke at sunset career in the “Formula 1″. Livery cars on the team during pre-season testing in Jerez will be visible inscription – hashtag # KeepFightingMichael («more fight, Michael”).

Schumacher fans from Belgium marched in support of their idol – he took on the track “Spa-Francorchamps.” Once here, Michael spent the first race and first flew on top of the podium, “Formula 1”. Racer himself called this track the most beautiful of all, on which he has performed.

Former team-mate Schumacher for “Ferrari”, the Brazilian Felipe Massa, the BBC admitted that he prays every day for the health of Michael.

“Dear Michael, my dear friend, so you helped me throughout a career, and I pray for you every day – said the driver. – I want to see you as strong, how you’ve always been. “

Words of support expressed by the reigning champion, “Formula 1” Sebastian Vettel. “I’m still shocked, like everyone else, and I pray for him and hope that a miracle will happen and he will return and what he was before,” – quoted German La Depeche.

It is reported that the head of the hospital back FIA Jean Todt, former sports director of “Ferrari”, which was next to Schumacher all the years of his triumphs. According to Bild, Todt is up there with the family’s consent Schumacher, who is ready to admit to Michael only his closest friends.

“We are deeply touched by all the messages with wishes for a speedy recovery to Michael that we still come.

It gives us strength – quoted Schumacher family his official website. – We are so grateful for it! Grateful fan club, “Cologne” and “Schalke” and everything else for the support of Michael. We all know that he is a fighter and will not give up. “