Scientists have learned how to save on heating

Scientists have learned how to save on heating


A group of scientists from the Far Eastern Federal University have succeeded in developing a new system to create a favorable climate indoors, with which you can achieve substantial savings that go on heating. The structure of this system consists of solar collectors and modern energohranilischa, as well as heat pumps.

As stated by the professor of the department of engineering systems of buildings and facilities of the Engineering School Palo Alla Shtym thanks to the development of the energy costs for water heating and space heating can be reduced by 3-4 times. Also significantly reduces energy consumption while cooling the room. As compared with conventional air conditioning systems in the energy consumption is reduced by about 8-10 times.

Installation works on the following principle: on the roof mounted air solar collector that transmits energy to the heat pump. From there, the energy is directed to energohranilische representing a few water-filled container. Also its construction includes heat exchange apparatus and special tubes.

Cold air that is supplied to the tanks energohranilischa heated water and circulate heat throughout the room. After the heating period water is frozen, whereby the incoming warm air is cooled and supplied to the room.

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