Scientists at Stanford University have created a paper microscope cost $ 1

Scientists at Stanford University have created a paper microscope cost $ 1


Malaria – a disaster for many countries on the African continent. In order to treat malaria, it is necessary beforehand to diagnose and time. This can only be due to the samples, the latter in turn requires the presence of at least a microscope. However, such a fragile and expensive equipment in the field is not applicable. Microscope is easily broken, crashes or worse – strays due to mechanical damage. Work with this technique is no longer possible, and buying hundreds of new microscopes for charitable and humanitarian organizations is no easy task, especially given the fact that in the field of Africa every day continuous test equipment.

Scientific group of Stanford University in the U.S., has created the world’s first microscope of a tough paper. Incredibly unusual material reduces the cost of equipment, and also makes it more resistant to vibration and mechanical damage. The new microscope consists of a framework paper, batteries, LEDs, switches, wires, copper tape and ball lens.

Calculations showed that the serial production of the microscope, the cost of each component will be only 97 cents. As for the quality of the microscope, it is perfectly suited for diseases, providing an increase in the 2000s. Microscope batteries provides up to 50 hours of continuous operation. Assembling takes less than 1 minute.

Scientists from Stanford University hope their project interested humanitarian organizations that are engaged in using population in the troubled regions of the world. Such a microscope, if you run into a massive operation could save hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. The video hosting YouTube video also appeared showing the assembly of the paper microscope. Also, the network can find the full presentation device.