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Scotland voted “against”: The views of experts

Scotland voted

Now that the uncertainty in the run-up to the Scotland referendum is over, the money should start to return to the British and British stock markets, analysts believe.

According to the results of the referendum, 55% of Scots voted “against” the country out of the United Kingdom, after more than 300 years of political union.

Nick Beecroft from Saxo Bank: «Now, in the absence of this source of uncertainty, the stock markets may resume its growth, which will contribute to the global excess liquidity – Federal Reserve may stop the infusion of cheap money, while the Bank of Japan, on the contrary, they flood the markets and the ECB will inevitably approaches the quantitative easing. “

Naeem Aslam from AvaTrade: «What the UK today has been avoided – this is a painful and frightening uncertainty, which is the main enemy of the investors, as the taste for killing any more risky assets …. It is highly probable that the money derived from the British shares will go back. “

Howard Archer of IHS Global Insight: «By voting” no “branch of Scotland at times reducing the risks that threaten the economic recovery of the UK due to the growing political and economic uncertainty. Of course, it is still unclear what will turn to the UK expansion of legislative authority in Scotland, however, the economic risks today, have declined significantly. “

Tom Stevenson of Fidelity Personal Investing: «surviving uncertainty will” slow down “the UK market in the next few months, however, this will occur at a relatively favorable background. The London market underperformed the United States since the financial crisis, and now his quotes are ahead of Wall Street. In an environment of low interest rates, the income on the shares will continue to attract investors. Taking into account that the profitability FTSE 100 is 3.5%, shares of large British companies have a strong support. “