secret bars york 01
secret bars york 01

Thirteen years of Prohibition in the United States have left their mark on American culture, so some of the phenomena that have been especially prevalent in that period of time, and there are nowadays

The most notable of these phenomena can be called secret bars, earlier served as the only possibility to circumvent the law and get into a real bar with alcohol, now they have turned into a tourist attraction and a place “for the” where there is always a special atmosphere.

The principle of such bars is very simple: they are outside the usual cafe, hairdresser or just any shop. This outer space, usually small, and not very popular. Everyone who comes here in the evening, head straight to the back door completely unremarkable, behind which is a large room of the bar, where a lively setting of America 20s. Rarely on the buildings you can see small signs or mention of the bars.

Despite the mystery, find the secret bar is not so difficult thing to know where to look. Many of these bars are very popular, as not only offer guests a special atmosphere, but also hold regular performances, live jazz concerts and other entertainment events. In some institutions take place in the evening is not so easy. Below is a list of seven secret bars of New York, in which, if desired, can get even a tourist.


“Please, do not tell” – is the translation name of one of the most famous secret bars (strange as it may sound). This place is located in the East Village and is incredibly popular. You can get here by appointment only at the telephone number listed on the website. Must call after 15 hours, up to this time in the bar simply no one. Bar located in the back room diner Crif Dogs (where you can enter by going through a vintage phone booth), so it stands to navigate to this sign.

Menu meet you classic cocktails, which are prepared in compliance with the original recipe and using the highest quality ingredients. Delight wine and beer selection. Also works at the bar kitchen, offers hot meals and snacks.

Interior institution can be described in two words – simplicity and style. Wooden boards, brick walls, animal heads, leather upholstery of chairs and sofas – all this creates the right atmosphere and makes it feel as comfortable as possible.

Address: 113 St. Marks Pl (between Avenue A & 1st Ave).


On the window of the building located at this address, you will notice a small sign that reads M & H, Tailors, Alterations. Steel door right next to the sign – the required input.

Bar “Milk and Honey” was opened in 2002 in two cities – New York (SoHo) and London. In places club system, so if you are not a member, then to visit the bar must be booked. When this input is allowed only until 11 pm.

Cocktails at the bar are prepared exclusively from natural ingredients: used only fresh juices, syrups welded manually, natural flavors. In addition to cocktails, the bar offers an extensive wine list, a rich selection of champagne, whiskey, armagnac. On the second floor bar is a games room, designed for private parties. Poker, chess, special drinks menu, can order music – all this awaits the company offers at least 25 people.

Address: 134 Eldridge Street (between Delancey Street and Broome Street).


“Branch” is in the West Village. To get to this bar, you need to find the iron door, on which there will be no unified signage. The only pointer that you have come to the right place – a security guard at the entrance. Breaking a long ladder, the visitor enters the classic American bar 20s. Even the bar staff are dressed appropriately. The establishment offers a cozy atmosphere, light shade, masterfully crafted cocktails. Also bartender happy to prepare an individual cocktail – enough to call prefer the taste and alcohol, and then watch the creation of personal drink. Often, the bar hosts jazz evenings and live music, which makes this place even more attractive to visitors. It is worth to note that at the bar you can pay in cash only.

Address: 20 7th Ave S.


Twilight, lively and loud atmosphere of a bar called “Raines Law Room” create a feeling that a visitor goes to a private party in someone’s living room. Having come to the right place, you need to find the stairs leading down to a black wooden door. Just call and the door of the bar will be open.

Seat reservation is highly desirable, otherwise the space bar simply can not be. Modifications need to send an email with the exact date, time and number of guests.

Visitors are often amazed that the bar that cocktail menu at the bar too high, so make a choice sometimes very difficult. The menu has a wide range of spirits: rum, whiskey, vodka and gin.

Address: 48 West 17th Street.


During the Prohibition era to be that people who drink alcohol, live under the shadow of death. Title bar “Death and the company” derives from this belief. Institution offers the simple pleasures of life – good wine, quality cocktails, expertly prepared food.

Bar does not offer the possibility to reserve seats, so you may have to wait in line to enjoy the décor and atmosphere. To find the entrance to the bar, you get to the store, which instead of the windows are wooden panel. The metal plate with the name of Death & Co on the sidewalk will help to understand that you are in the right place. If you are lucky, and the bar has a free space (which is unlikely), then the guard will allow enter immediately. Otherwise you will leave your phone number so that you will call when free space. Usually wait is about 20-30 minutes.

Address: 433 East Sixth Street.


Another one of the popular bars – “Bath gin”, located in the Chelsea neighborhood. This place is hidden behind one of the internal doors ordinary, unremarkable coffee shops where you can buy cakes and a cup of coffee. However, if you head to the white door at the rear wall, then you open it and you will find yourself in a noisy and crowded bar. Reservations are not required here. The bar is famous for his performances, live music and a bathroom that stands right in the middle of the hall.

During Prohibition gin was one of the most popular and affordable drinks, however, due to the prohibition of alcoholic beverages turnover its quality is often poor. To taste it was more or less acceptable for human consumption, bartenders began to add other ingredients in gin, it first appeared and cocktails. Now the bar offers cocktails on the basis of high-quality gin, as well as other alcoholic drinks and a small snack menu.

Address: 132 9th Ave.


Red neon sign of divination Tarot will serve as a guide for the entrance to a bar called “Employees only.” Busy evenings can be found at the entrance guard, who will hold inside the institution. Already this fact alone adjusts to the air of mystery, and the interior of the bar only complements it.

In addition to delicious and quality cocktails, the bar offers a full menu for every taste. Here you will find dishes from fried chicken to dried shellfish. The bar offers options for both dinner and for snacks to cocktails and other drinks. On weekends, the place is popular, so it is advisable to arrive early to take a seat at the table or bar.

Address: 510 Hudson St.