Secrets of etiquette: how to behave in England

Secrets of etiquette: how to behave in England

Secrets of etiquette: how to behave in England

I love the English bridges, London omnibuses, telephone booths and blue sky.
Pete Doherty

England – the country, the inhabitants of which are striking in their adherence to tradition.British immaculately comply with the norms and rules of etiquette, not for nothing that this is a country which originated the concept of “true gentleman.”

Today we want to tell you about the basic rules of etiquette that have been adopted in England. We hope that familiarity with them will help you when you decide to visit Albion.

As is customary greet and say goodbye


All of us from school English classes are known universal English Greetings «Hi!» And «Hello!». They can be used in almost any situation.

Also in England there greeting depending on the time of day: «Good morning!», «Good afternoon!» And «Good evening!». If you communicate with your friends or with other familiar people, you can reduce these expressions to their informal counterparts: «Morning!» And «Evening!».

«Hiya!» – Very informal greeting, which was used mostly teenagers. The combination of hi and you. Translated as “Hello, how are you?”.

Coming to another country, you need to know exactly how long does it take a particular period of the day. In England, a man welcome phrase «Good morning!» Can be a gap between the early morning and lunch. But in China, for example, “good morning” – it is quite a short period between the morning waking up and breakfast.

If you meet someone in the late evening, do not tell him «Good night!» – In the English language is not welcome and farewell.

Men are interesting: in England is not accepted, greeting lady, kissing her hand.

Greeting with a lady, a man can make an easy bow.

The two sides rarely touch each other: even the ladies, greeting each other, just pretend that smacking each other on the cheek.

The most common gesture when greeting is a British handshake, but do not abuse it.Shakes hands with British quickly without delaying another’s hand in his. Pat on the back or other such gestures in Albion considered a faux pas.

According to the rules of English etiquette, after the greeting is not accepted immediately move on to personal business, you first need to talk to a neutral topic, often talk about the weather.

Say goodbye

  • Bye – the most common English-bye. It is universal and applicable in almost any situation.
  • Have a good day (translated as “good day”) – so you can say goodbye to business partners and colleagues, polite and courteous farewell.
  • Keep in touch – so usually forgiven when know they will not see a friend for a while. Literally translated, “stay in touch”, that is, write, call, keep in touch.
  • I’m out! – Farewell to the subtext implies that you are happy that go. Russian language this phrase can be translated as “I am getting out.”
  • Remember me to your wife – this option farewell to hear of older people.Translation: “Give my regards to your wife.”

How to communicate

In England adopted a two-stage process for: people with each other have to introduce a mediator. Acquainted usual way for us “tete-a-tete” was not accepted.

The first and inviolable rule that you have to remember: never, never be late. British appreciate the time and they have not been made not only to be late to meetings, but even for dinner in your own home. However, despite the fact that late is not recommended, to come to the meeting earlier in England, too, is not accepted, so that the best way out is to come just in time.

In person the British did not exhibit excessive emotionality. Conversation worth having restrained as much as possible to avoid gestures. But no one stops to smile, smile – is something that is very common to see on the face of the Englishman. Say to his companion compliments: this is considered commonplace, and nobody added you to flatterers or sycophants. But here brag or somehow differently to praise a loved one in England is not accepted.

Englishman rarely goes to the conflict. Even in the most difficult situation, he will make every effort to settle the matter peacefully. Take note of this, but do not overdo it: boiling point at all, of course, different, but still, as you know, has a limit.

If you want your partner thought you were open and honest man, do not hide their hands in their pockets – keep them in mind.

To talk about his personal life, and even more to complain about, in England is not accepted. You may find a weak man, and self-esteem are in special honor.

Considered indecent closely and you stare into the eyes of his companion. The same rule works in public transport: passengers looking at is not accepted, and if you send her a curious look in the newspaper, which reads the next person, it would be indecent.

Despite the fact that at first glance may seem secretive British and restrained in communication, they have a wonderful sense of humor and they like to joke. It is not necessary to take to heart their jokes in your address and certainly not worth to them to be offended.

The British are very polite, so do not believe all the compliments holy, they will say in your address. For example, if they praise your English, you should not be proud of it and begin to consider themselves perfect – it is likely that the Englishman told you it’s just out of politeness.

Some of the most common phrases in England – «Thank you» and «I’m sorry».

Business etiquette

Politeness – dominant of any relationship in England, especially business. Be polite with his business partner, and he will reward you with the same.

It should be remembered that the silence in the UK – this is not a sign of agreement, but simply an expression of respect. Even if your business partner fundamentally disagree with your position, it will still listen to you until the end.

The English love adventurous people, so do not be afraid to take the initiative.

Stiff upper lip – literally “solid upper lip.”

This saying describes restraint on the British. As we have seen above, in England do not like to openly show their emotions and expect the same from your business partner.Despite this, the humor that the English are very appreciated, there will always be a place even in business relations.

British businessmen, as a rule, people knowledgeable and well-read, understand, not only in their professional in, but also in the field of literature, movies, art in general. Be prepared to keep the conversation on an abstract theme, which can start (or end) your business meeting.

Dress code for business meetings are usually standard: strict dress or suit for women, business suit for men.

Table manners

Englishmen are very strictly follow the rules of conduct at the table, so if you want them to have had a good opinion of you, it is better to read the rules of etiquette at the table.

If the table has a strangers, you should not refer to them until such time as you do not submit to each other, because it is impolite.

Follow his hands in any case do not put them on the table – on your lap.

Many of us are aware of this English tradition, as the five-o’clock tea, ie tea at 5pm. In England, you will often be invited for a cup of tea, do not give up: the refusal hosts can take over a personal insult. And after going to visit do not forget to send a note with gratitude owners.

One of the most important unspoken rules: the table is not accepted secretive whisper or with a neighbor. The conversation should be common to all.

Gestures and facial expressions

In general, the British were not very welcoming gestures during a conversation: for them it is a clear sign of theatricality and insincerity.

  • Victoria (gesture of two fingers, index and middle raised up, indicating peace and victory) in England becomes offensive value (comparable in scale to show the middle finger), if the brush is rotated to the back of the person to whom converted gesture.
  • Your raised his eyebrows Englishmen would regard as an expression of skepticism.
  • We are accustomed to thinking, bending his fingers, while in England do the same operation is exactly the opposite: when the score was the British do not bend and unbend the fingers, starting with the big one.

Love etiquette

Men in England, as a rule, well-mannered and never be burdened with a woman their attention if they feel that it is unpleasant.

Men of note: an English love of young people with a sense of humor. This, by the way, one of the main criteria by which they choose their groom. 🙂

In England is not accepted immediately “fall in love pool with his head.” Any relationship, usually preceded by friendship.

By getting married in England responsibly: no self-respecting Englishman will not offer the girl’s hand and heart, if not sure that he is able to support a family.

What is not accepted in England

  • Push forward the queue. Englishmen always patiently waiting their turn to and a very negative attitude towards those who do not follow this simple rule.
  • Demonstrate a tip to the waiter. They should be quietly put under a napkin.
  • Smoking in public places.
  • Loud sniff. It is considered very impolite.

England – a country that is definitely worth a visit – with its wonderful traditions and unique etiquette.