Company Segway , known for its two-wheeled electric scooter with a self-balancing system, introduced a new tricycle for police. SE-3 Patroller replace regular patrol car.

SE-3 Patroller is designed for use by police and private security agencies that previously used two-wheeled Segway. Segways offer high stability and rapid movement and are used in places where not fit another mode of transport, such as airports.

Our goal was to create a multi-functional three-wheeled vehicle of high quality for law enforcement and other guardians of public order at a competitive price. Given the reputation of Segway, its innovative design and quality performance, we expect a high demand for SE-3 Patroller, – the president of Segway Rod Keller.

SE-3 is powered by Patroller several lithium-ion batteries that are charged from a standard wall outlet. If necessary, you can use replaceable batteries.

Motorcycle is equipped with independent direct drive to the rear wheels, allowing it to move in reverse and turns on the spot at a large angle. It flashers, headlight, brake light, siren and a small lockable trunk.

SE-3 is a continuation line Patroller Patroller trademark Segway. According to the manufacturer, it can be used where conventional invisible Segway, a patrol car is not the right size. SE-3 Patroller for frequent stops, it has become easier to park. Due to its full size it better attracts the attention of others, which is important for patrol cars .

SE-3 Patroller costs budget car. Its cost is 12,000 dollars.