Send in Sochi Olympic athletes from the Austrian delegation received a letter...

Send in Sochi Olympic athletes from the Austrian delegation received a letter with the threat of abduction


Three days before the opening of the Olympic Games in Sochi more athletes complain about receiving anonymous threatening letters. If this before stated representatives of the Olympic delegations from Italy, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia, now joined them and Austrian athletes.

As secretary general of the Austrian Olympic Committee, Peter Mennel, who on Tuesday along with Olympic delegation went to Sochi, on the eve of February 3, with the threat of kidnapping letter received 32-year-old skier Marlies Schild, who was raised on a pedestal three Olympic Games, and 24-year-old Yanina Faulk, a member of the Austrian team’s skeleton transmits Austria Press Agency (APA).

Mennel said negotiations with Faulk, when they were on board the aircraft. From the words of CEO Committee, the athlete is not scared threatening letters, she believes that her Russian security will be provided at a high level. Despite this, Mennel noted that the protection of Austrian athletes in Sochi will be strengthened.

What exactly was contained in letters received by Schild and Faulk is still unknown. Immediately after the athletes have received threatening messages, they passed their law enforcement officers, who must soon find out who is the organizer and executor of mailing. In the communication APA is assumed that the letters were obtained from the Russian.

According to Die Welt , the Austrian athletes have already received similar threatening letters. January 20 at its electronic boxes they found messages which said the threat of attacks on them in Sochi. Then the police were able to quickly determine the distribution organizer. It appeared to be a citizen of Israel, which has repeatedly come to the attention of law enforcement agencies for such crimes.

Opening of the Olympic Games in Sochi is scheduled for February 7. In the summer of 2013 at the Internet video footage appeared on which the leader of North Islamist militant Doku Umarov called on his supporters to make every effort to disrupt the 2014 Olympics. In late January 2014, it became known that the threatening letters received by representatives of the Olympic delegations from Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary.