31.01.2014 8:03

Series “Berlin Olympic” twelve for Sochi

On Tuesday evening, Berlin spent his team to the Games. Twelve athletes are in the German team, the country’s capital – more than any other city. In this series we present athletes from Berlin.

Calmly. As Russian politician. Clever rhetoric of all these discussions on human rights and other issues that arise around the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Vladimir Gridin this Tuesday brought the Russian ambassador in Olympic peace issues. “Dear friends, it is time to go to Sochi,” – he said. Next politician said many kind words about the upcoming remarkable event in Russia. Gridin, as he himself seemed to be trying to help overcome some of the Germans’ prejudices and misconceptions “about Russia. At the end of 12, he wished to attend the meeting Berlin athletes all the best during their stay in Russia. “By the way, now there is snow in Sochi,” – he added.

However, for the Berlin Olympic snow has just secondary. After all, in the end, will be performing on the premises: seven of them are skating, three – figure skating, and two – hockey. In the House of Max Liebermann at Pariser Platz yesterday held a ceremony for the Games of the wires, which was attended by urban senator Interior and Sports Frank Henkel. Some of the athletes on Wednesday flew to Russia. Henkel being the “godfather” of the skaters and Peter Libersa pair Tanja Kolbe – Stefano Caruso noted here that Berlin has become a kind of “stronghold of winter sports” in Germany.

Well, it can really be called a “stronghold”: 7.8% of the German Olympic team (in total consisting of 152 people) live in the capital, whose population is 4.2% of the total population of the country. Thus, presented in Berlin Olympic team above average. However, this only applies to the number of athletes. With the amount of medals is likely things will be a little different.

Greatest chance of success is the oldest athlete in the team: Claudia Pechstein during the Games in Sochi will turn 42 years old, and her birthday she will fight for his tenth Olympic medal. With the recent successful performances in the World Cup have a good chance in the race for 3 and 5000 meters. Quite successful performance can be expected from Jenny Wolf, proved himself a master sprint races. Under favorable circumstances can succeed and her teammate Monique Angermyuller. For Dennis Roth (500 meters) and Bente Kraus (3000 meters) is more relevant, perhaps, the Olympic slogan “The main thing – not to win but to take part.” The men at the start there are Robert Lehmann (1500 meters) and Samuel Schwartz. The latter has already considered one of the best sprinters in the world and a good day for himself may well jump to the top.

In figure skating, Peter Libers can count on a place in the top ten. “I am 15 years worked hard to participate in the Olympics,” he said Tuesday. Now his “childhood dream” come true. For a pair Tanya Kolbe – Stefano Caruso also in itself a trip to Sochi is a great success. The same can be said about both hockey players – Suzanne Goetz and Nina Kamenik: It would be nice if the German team came in the top five, as well as at the Olympic Games 2006 in Turin. Four years ago, the team was not able to break into the Olympic tournament in Vancouver. At this time, And this sad fate was prepared for male hockey team. It is – in addition to his own will, of course – went down in history, not for the first time made it to the main Olympic tournament. If not for this failure, the “team of Berlin” in Sochi would be more representative.

But once the tournament in Russia will not be able to go active players club Eisbären Berlin, then the capital of wires delegation participated at the Olympics, at least, the former metropolitan hockey – Sven Felski – invited to the ceremony as the “Berlin sports legends,” passed in its completion torch Claudia Pechstein and diluted held in a fairly strict atmosphere evening joke. On the question of whether he ever compete with Pechstein and who thus won Felski said in his casual manner: “Of course, I won.” But he added he did not want to offend Dafen, “and the distance was short.” And in Sochi Felski not be able to participate in competitions. Pechstein will compete for medals against Olympic champion Martina Sablikovoy and world champion Irene Wust.