Series headphones Samsung Level – for whom and why

Series headphones Samsung Level – for whom and why


A little over ten years ago, I said to my friend – never, under any circumstances, I do not buy a TV from Samsung. My confidence is reinforced by the fact that the company lost TVs European manufacturers, as well as Sony. Since then, it did not take a lot of time at my house worth several TVs Samsung, and they differ in their characteristics – remembering the words I had repeatedly. This is another proof that we should not be dogmatic. Therefore, after the announcement of the line headphones Level cautious words will not hurt, especially from the point of view of headphones all turned out bad, spoils the impression only the price of these decisions. But I think I know the answer, why is it so high and that Samsung will do to lower it.

It is necessary to mention that the headphone manufacturers nowadays divorced incredible amount. This market tend to literally everything. Reason commonplace – minimal cost of headphones and sell together with the history of the brand can be a premium of 500-700 percent. Tasty market that corrupts only one thing – a huge number of proposed solutions, and their involvement with the consumer’s perspective, there are no obvious and undisputed world leaders. Therefore, large companies and tend to be represented here, for them it is a win-win game, though, at first glance, it seems quite different.

In line Level, in addition to headphones, Bluetooth-part column, talk about it today, will not, as it is a different kind of device, it is worth considering separately somehow. But the headphone line three options: gag Level In ($ 149, 5999 rubles in Russia), overhead Level On ($ 199, 7 990 rubles in Russia), closed Level Over ($ 349, 12 990 rubles). Looking at these prices, you know that Samsung decided to position their headphones not lower than other companies. But in the absence of a strong and well-known brand in the audio buy them at this price will be unity. It is an indisputable fact. Moreover, the development of the market of headphones in the last decade is that even the presence of a famous singer, advertise your products, do not guarantee that sales will go up. This guarantee is not there. On what counts Samsung?

In my opinion, the company will promote their headphones in two ways – single sales for those who are willing to pay full price, and the main sales for those who like to save. For them, will create sets of different techniques, and the cost of bundled headphones will fall by 50-70 per cent, which will seem very attractive proposition. For example, buying a flagship smartphone, you can get the Level Over not for 13,000 rubles, and 7000. Profitably?Definitely. The attractiveness of such a kit immediately grows several times, and it is possible that the buyer did not even care that he needs such headphones. But he will get them, and the average check for the company to grow. But most importantly, that still profit from the sale of headphones will be hundreds of percent, with interest cover all costs. This is the most viable approach for sale Headphone Level line until such time as they become known in the market. Let’s look at each model and estimate what her prospects.

Samsung Level In – ear headset

Neat box in which there is both the headphones and a case to store them or move. Case is quite large in my pocket so you will not put, unless wearing a jacket. Includes several silicone inserts and inserts made of silicone foam with memory effect – they will take the shape of your ears. Three-channel speakers, two reinforcing balanced armature drivers with one dynamic driver.

In appearance it is a common headset, glossy droplets on the ears – and then the first surprise, Samsung has only inscription on the plug, it deprived droplets. On the wire – normal unit with volume control and a button to answer the call. These keys can also be flipping track – supports all mobile device companies like tablets and phones.

The first impression from listening to these headphones with smartphones – do not make any impression. Clean, good sound, not very pronounced bass. Good isolation from outside noise.Say that Level In something amazing, so palter. Anything they hit. Started to compare with Monster DNA, Beats and other classmates. Surprisingly, off-street, these headphones sound clean enough work out, it is clearly seen on the vocal compositions. When listening to pop or rock, they are not so good. In Samsung clearly did no bets on showiness sound, it somehow did not try to change, add or change the bass something else. Therefore, a certain boredom when playing there, but it is quite understandable that fact.

Be included with the phone (even if only flagships) is a headset, and the prices they would not. But to buy separately for 5990 rubles these headphones makes no sense. You can find for a comparable, or even lower cost huge number of successful models. So we can say that the Level In, without having your own person, be lost in comparison with other headphones and headsets. Good level of product, but without the bright highlights.

Level On – for girls and boys

To use overhead headphones, it is necessary to have a certain stock character or use them at home, on a trip. Level On model performed very well: metal bow, leather inserts, the sound is formed bilayer 40 mm aperture.

Not everyone is suited to the size of these headphones – the same cable as in Level In, has a carrying case. Sound different from the gags, it is cleaner, stock volume above.

In my opinion, these headphones do not have distinct disadvantages, but absent and the pros. Good product, which costs 7990 rubles, which many seem overpriced. These headphones are of the category of products, which is nice to get a gift, but buying for their money will never be. Not optimal purchase, as there are so many different headphones in this price bracket.

Level Over – wireless headphones with a bunch of lotions

A number of different Bluetooth-headphones sold on the market for a long time is not on dozens, perhaps hundreds. But in the version of Samsung’s top model offers maximum functionality, start with the fact that it has a built-in Li-Ion battery 800 mAh. It is capable of working in listening mode and 30 hours of standby time – up to 200 hours. With a noise reduction system included – 15 hours of listening, 30 hours waiting.

In these headphones two microphones, they analyze external noise and white noise generator start – clipping occurs efficiently. In my opinion, noise reduction is implemented at a good level – can only complain that it works in a plane at C grade, but it suffers from most of these devices.

Built NFC allows to pair the headphones with your smartphone, you can use them with a wire, as well as in normal version without wires. On the right ear – the touchpad, you can stop and start playback, adjust the volume, skip to the tune of music. All intuitive, although there is complete and detailed instructions. In a strong wind outside your caller can not hear him, the system of two microphones is effective in different conditions. Except, perhaps, only one – in the corridors of space echo may occur, then you will hear and myself, the same can be said about the interlocutor, you will see double.

For Level Over also has a separate application that can be run on a smartphone. It shows the battery level, you can set the equalizer (need to disable them in the player and other applications – in what sense is not clear). Also appeared tracking volume, the application will warn you if you are listening to music or podcasts at high volume and long. Offer to reduce the volume to protect your hearing.

With my profile using these headphones will last about a week, then they must be recharged (in a discharged state will not use them). Price 13 000 looks high, but on the other hand, an analogue of Sony – MDR1RBT – worth about 15 thousand rubles. These headphones are comparable in quality, but certainly they should be listened as the sound quality is deeply individual and depends on what you are listening to and what.

Technically Level Over Cost 50mm diaphragm neodymium driver. I liked the sound – clean, neutral, there is no explicit roll in one direction or another. To calm music is clearly dignity. Of the three models of headphones is Level Over looks the most attractive and cost in comparison with competitors. The kit also has an adapter for the aircraft.

It remains to say that the headphones are powered by standard BT 3.0, support audio codec apt-X, which is typical for this kind of products. Wear headphones comfortably, although the fact that they closed, leaves its mark – they ears sweat, and pretty much almost no ventilation. But, and be cut off from the outside world effectively.

As a short conclusion, I want to say that the headphones from Samsung to get a decent, especially if a close eye on the cost. But the price is very high, for the money you should choose something else, offers a lot of benefit. More or less interesting model Level Over, and then due to a reasonable price, which is lower than that of counterparts. But overall, still the headphones from Samsung is clearly not included in the list of desired purchases, few people know about them. As a consequence, say that it is a good buy at full price, you can not. Let’s see how this would be developed in the coming years, it is hoped that Samsung will master it, as a result, prices will be adequate, and products better. Verdict – a great gift if you do not look at the cost. If you buy these headphones themselves, it is worth a lot of time to think and compare with other manufacturers are sure to find something else.