13.05.2014 6:41

Set ASUS Echelon: Weapon for gamers warlords

Looks like a militarized version of the game selling headset ASUS ROG Orion , released under the name ASUS Echelon , were very decent. The company decided to expand the series of devices Echelon, adding the line sound card, keyboard, mouse and game pad.

Some of these devices – just perebrendirovanye model, previously unreleased by other names, painted in color digital camouflage MARPAT, style US Navy Working Uniform. But there are new products. First, let’s remember old friends.

Before we deserved the award “Editor’s Choice: Best buy” external sound card ASUS Xonar U7 . Echelon Edition received naval camouflage, soft-touch coating and a little cheat functions Sonic Radar, risuyuschuyu on the computer screen radiation pattern of sounds in the game. This may help the player to calculate the enemies and stealth-shooter multiplayer. For detailed information about the sound card offer to go to the appropriate review.

Over the past year since the survey Gaming Headset ASUS Echelon Gaming Headset has not undergone any changes. It’s all the same comfortable headset with a good microphone and a balanced sound that’s perfect for long gaming sessions. More details about this device you can read in our review .


Echelon Mech is not the first attempt at writing ASUS segment mechanical keyboards. In fact, a version of ASUS ROG Keyboard, included some models gaming PC series Tytan, issued under the brand Republic of Gamers. Now the device as a standalone product is a line of Echelon, moreover, it has got some improvements.


Keyboard Design strict and brutal little. Glossy surfaces are practically absent, the entire upper and wrist rest have a soft-touch coating. Despite the fact that the box ASUS Echelon Mech has camouflage coloring MARPAT, the device itself was completely black, a few drops of style series Echelon.

Keyboard housing made of plastic, the build quality is top notch. Due to the high mass and powerful legs, the controller is stable regardless of the level of intensity of a gaming session. It is worth noting and compactness – despite the mechanical equipment switches the keyboard looks very neat and would be appropriate even in the office.


ASUS Echelon Mech only available with mechanical switches Cherry MX Black – one key without tactile feedback and uniform way. The manufacturer did not implement the design of the switches are no additional improvements. ANSI-classic layout will please fans of a “long” Shift.


Despite its apparent simplicity, ASUS decided nevertheless to add “must” for the modern mechanical gaming keyboard set – blue LED backlit keys with four gradations of brightness and can be switched off, USB-hub and audio jacks for connecting a headset. To use all the features of the keyboard, you will need two USB-port. And the mode N-key rollover (NKRO, simultaneous recording an unlimited number of clicks) must engage and PS / 2 port. All cables braided fabric – it is an indispensable attribute of high-level gaming keyboard. The manufacturer has provided the ability to control the media player using the F-keys and modifier Fn.

ASUS Echelon Mech – High-quality and well-equipped mechanical keyboard with virtually no drawbacks. Except that you can complain about the inability to create a macro, but all other options here on the level.


Form gaming mouse ASUS Echelon Laser recalls several manipulators manufactured by OEM-contracts for the companies do not specialize in gaming peripherals, but launched its own series of similar devices.


Here, unlike the keyboard ASUS Echelon Mech, MARPAT digital camouflage used in full. Some of this decision may seem controversial, but if to design issues may arise, the feeling in the hand mouse gives very positive. This contributes to the soft-touch rubberized coating and sidewall. And it is difficult to find fault with the build quality – the case is solid.


As for the design of the hull, then we midsize symmetrical ergonomic mouse with side recesses, but all buttons can be used only right-hander. Praise deserves a clear and short-click the main keyboard. Additional side navigation button in the browser and a couple of keys under the index finger of his right hand as comfortable and are within easy reach. Scroll wheel has a rubberized finish and a distinct move. Behind the wheel is a button, the default is responsible for changing sensor resolution. You can change the weight due to the weights of complete-weighting agents. Weights are placed in a special “clip”, located at the rear of the mouse. ASUS Echelon Laser sensor is equipped with a laser illumination with not too high today, but more than enough resolution to 5700 dpi.


To configure the settings you need to use a proprietary utility that provides all the necessary functionality for the products of this class. You can change the resolution to reassign the functions of all the buttons or create a macro.

Overall Echelon Laser pleasantly surprised both the quality and functionality, given that the market peripherals is not a priority for ASUS. However, we would like to see a slightly smaller price tag on this product.


Good addition to Echelon Laser Mouse will be playing surface Echelon Gaming Pad – cloth mat medium size, offering users a balance between control and speed. Naturally in the original coloring with digital camouflage MARPAT on the work surface.


Line gaming peripherals ASUS Echelon definitely a success, well integrity felt series and thoughtful approach to its development. Each of the components deserves its place in the market as a separate product, and some, such as Echelon-version ASUS Xonar U7, are leaders in their class. Among the new products also want to mention a mechanical keyboard ASUS Echelon Mech – a balanced and high-quality product.

All components geymerskogo ASUS Echelon set sold separately. Unfortunately, some discounts on all devices set has not yet provided.