scan themselves using Kinect and get the action figure for home... scan themselves using Kinect and get the action figure for home delivery

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New Year period – the best time to experiment with unusual Web services. On one of the services that will help you create a custom souvenir, and we will tell you today. It is about is a site through which every internet user can try bulk printing technology subjects in action, even if it and get a custom souvenir for egocentric.

Briefly about the project

Service developed based on the technology of visual scanning with a conventional camera user and then send the resulting three-dimensional image on the 3D-printer to print. You get at home in front of the camera, doing the bulk panoramic shot, make edits and suggestions – and the service prints your figure valued at almost $ 60 and sends the mail. You do not need to buy any 3D-printer or consumables. It is only necessary to put the house special software and register (the technical nuances and the procedure itself working with the service we describe below). An important point: to work with the service you need contactless game controller Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360.

How does this work

Once you have downloaded from the site of special software, make sure that your computer meets the technical requirements. Now the company is only supported on Microsoft, from Windows 7 (x64). In addition to the camera for panoramic photography, the computer must be equipped with a processor not less than Intel Core I3 and a minimum of 4 GB RAM. Version for OS X promises to provide in the near future.

Guaranteed to work with have only module Microsoft Kinect. So if you do not, most likely get a normal volume figure you will not succeed. And by the way, is the biggest drawback of the service: if no versions for other operating systems other than Windows, you can still be forgiven, that rigid adherence to a single controller manufacturer frankly sad.

To capture a loved one in the form of a plastic figurine, you must first configure the sensor Kinect, putting it at about chest in front of him. For this it is best to use a tripod. You should also make sure that no extra large objects do not fall “in sight” camera between you and the video sensor.

Need to scan the empty plot size of approximately 2 × 2 m. m, where you can freely rotate 45 degrees. On this site it is necessary to remove even the little things like lamps, chairs, floor lamps, cats or children’s toys.

Then you need to adjust the lighting. Light should fall evenly, there should be explicit overbrights too strong light sources for video sensor itself, as well as behind your back when scanning.

The scanning process consists of a few simple procedures.

After installing the software, connect to the computer sensor Kinect. Run the application. To start scanning, you must click on Capture (Capture). Before the start of the scan, make sure to connect to your computer speakers and turn the sound they need you too.

Then it is necessary to move away from the module Kinect one meter – and photographed at 8 points, gradually turning. To avoid confusion, follow the voice prompts. Do not forget that the pose and facial expression must be stored in each of the 8 points.

After scanning created a picture being processed – and then finished volume snapshot is sent to print by pressing the 3D Print (3D-print).

The finished model is loaded into the gallery on the site, and from there you can order postage paid their figures you home.

Pros and Cons

Also experimental interest and desire to gratify your ego technology three-dimensional printing, in fact service no practical value can not be held (at least until he is able to print only human figures). Of the obvious shortcomings – the need to use only the sensor Microsoft Kinect, the relatively high cost of the finished figures, no software versions for different operating systems. But since the service is in beta, waiting for the appearance of new advantages. Today it is – nothing more than a fun experiment, showing how the Internet and modern technology can change the three-dimensional printing industry gifts and single-piece release any things.