Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H: Review Japanese compact flagship

Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H: Review Japanese compact flagship

Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H: Review Japanese compact flagship


Powerful, user-friendly, strong, practical and truly exclusive – all these epithets could not be more accurately describe the new Sharp Aquos Compact Docomo SH-02H. In my arms the most current frameless compact Sharp’s flagship line of winter Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo 2015-16 biennium. Let me remind you that all phone operator in Japan today is locked up tight under their nets and unbind them lawfully only after six months from the date of purchase of its subscriber of a particular operator. Fortunately, Sharp smartphones unlock the supply side. Otvyazki process from the operator of the series of smartphones at this time lasted an incredibly long two months. From the line of the Sharp line is changing the way the encryption of its smartphones, and for all operators at once, it is logical that affected the time working on his burglary. As a result, the device is able to work with any SIM-cards. Test sample will present with SIM-card MegaFon.

In today’s review of the smartphone in black. For NTT Docomo Sharp marketers offered another option silver with yellow sides and ends. This model came out, and the other two large operators of the Japanese trio, Softbank and AU. Colours AU Sharp Aquos Serie mini SHV33 represented by black, blue, white and red, and Softbank Sharp Aquos Xx2 mini – black, white, dark red, pink and blue. Unfortunately, the version for NTT Docomo in a colorful plan to get the most scarce.

Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H: Review Japanese compact flagship

In AnTuTu Japanese smartphones never achieved record results, as evidenced by the screenshots presented. However, thanks to the excellent manufacturers of well-known software and hardware optimization yaponofony in most cases working smoothly with no friezes and surprisingly offline. Compare at least the Japanese version of the Sony Xperia Z and their global counterparts.

Sharp left by unsuccessful Snapdragon 810, which in certain situations body warmed previous Aquos Zeta SH-03G, which led to various problems. It was decided to use the six-core Snapdragon 808, which in practice was no less quick, but did not have such a “hot” temperament.

Sharp Aquos Compact: Equipment

From news to the new product in Sharp follow their traditions, complementing phones only external TV antenna. In ancient times the Japanese smartphones there is a digital TV tuner 1-SEG Tv format. Outside of Japan, it does not work, so the antenna is completely useless.

The box can also be found two decorated protective film on the rear wall of the smartphone.

Sharp Aquos Compact: First impressions. Design

Those whose eyes when choosing a compact and powerful modern smartphone fell on Sharp Aquos Compact, reasonably compare it with the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact or his predecessors. Externally, they clearly similar. It may seem that the Japanese manufacturers simply tired to show the wonders of design and engaged in frank plagiarism. The fact that such an “interesting and bold design decision” in Sharp’s at this time obviously forgotten. For this problem, Japanese manufacturers recently encountered frequently. I dare to suggest that the development of something original would require extra costs, which ultimately reflected in the final cost would be that the Japanese vehicles and so obscenely high.

Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H: Review Japanese compact flagship

The fact remains, Docomo SH-02H is not allocated uniquely extravagant appearance. Someone like this design, some do not. The taste and color … It’s simple – classic bricks, no more. However, thanks to a diagonal of 4.7 “, frameless design, dubbed EDGEST, as well as the small size keep him in the hand is very comfortable. The fingers tightly cling to the glossy plastic on the sides, cautioning phone from an accidental fall. In most cases, these phones choose people who are inconvenient to use the wide screen. reach the top of the screen with the thumb will not be difficult. Thus, the display can work with only one hand. For those taxis, this is the best option.

In addition, for the convenience of motorists, or those who even the 4.7-inch display may seem large, it has added the ability to zoom Fullscreen shrink the screen. The location and size of the thumbnail image can be adjusted by itself.

Given the presence of the battery on the 2810 mAh battery, the phone weighs only 120 grams, which is 18 grams less than the Xperia Z5 Compact. In this latter capacity battery – 2700 mAh.

Rear and front part covered with glass. To find out his family tree I could not, therefore, how much it rubs during operation – a question. Scrape the nail did not try. The remaining elements of the plastic housing.

Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H: Review Japanese compact flagship

Sharp Aquos Compact: Display

Main attention to himself, as usual, attracted corporate IGZO display Sharp. In this model, it was already become a classic 1920x1080p resolution. It is worth noting that Sharp for some time did not let the compact versions of its flagship models. The last thing that comes to mind, Sharp Aquos Phone Ex Docomo SH-02F. The new Sharp Aquos Compact screen size has increased from 4.5 to 4.7 inches, which had no impact on usability.

If we talk about color reproduction, if compared with the same Sharp Aquos Crystal X 402SH, at present Sharp Aquos Compactdifference in hue and saturation, and we have to admit, not for the better. In the Docomo SH-02H marketers strongly energetically promoting S-PureLED technology affects the intensity of the red color and its shades. The picture becomes more succulent, but in fact the matrix IGZO traditionally work out even worse than the previous SCG-Silicon technology (used in the Aquos Crystal X). Viewing angles are worse color reproduction and brightness at an angle break. At the same tune the color scheme of white Docomo SH-02H yellow. At Crystal X it is more natural. The photo below will talk about this better than I do.

I decided to compare the screens and the camera Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H and the local Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, but in MTS salon, where I usually spend such comparative tests, did not have the desired device. I had to choose from the fact that it was. As the opponent has chosen Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Very surprised “red” white color of the latter. The rest of the image on the Super AMOLED display – the continuous “oil painting”.

Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H: Review Japanese compact flagship

However, the fly in the ointment for the Japanese do not forget to add a barrel of honey and a record battery life and 120 Hz processing. In the moderate mode smartphone can run for up to a week. If you download it permanently on the mobile Internet, electromail, hour calls, sms 5-10, permanent correspondence in social networks, and a few photos and videos in a day, the battery will last confidently about three days.

Sharp as a company for the first time the world incarnate LCD, I could not help but surprise. The new line of smartphones Aquos Zeta SH-01H and its compact version Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H first received for its display of 120 Hz sweep. What’s the trick? If you explain your fingers, then at 1 Hz the display is updated at a frequency of 1 second. In fact, the higher the number, the smoother and smooth movement of objects takes place (ie, drawing) when moving the image. Displays all modern analogues and previously released smartphones running at a frequency of 60 Hz. The Sharp decided to choose another way to surprise and increased the frequency to 120 Hz.

To demonstrate the effect Sharp has prepared a special video. It is desirable to expand to fill the screen.

However, I am sure, not only for me personally it would be interesting to know what the 120 Hz scan and how to treat it. In my video review at the beginning of this article can be seen than in reality differ from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. For comparison, using all the same Sharp Aquos Crystal X 402SH.

It remains an open question how many people will be useful for such an upgrade of the display. I see two options. First – this is the function of a series, when, without increasing the number of megapixels the camera manufacturer is struggling with the existing posts, affecting the outcome of its work. People who choose this approach, prefer quality rather than quantity. Someone surely will say that all this mischief, and in real life, these 120 Hz do not affect the quality. Arguing thus, if such a person will get pleasure from the fact that he sees on the screen of the new Aquos? I do not know. I would like to know your opinion.

Anyway, everything as usual, rests on the importance of the basic parameters: time, battery life, picture size and quality of the display, sound quality, etc. As far as I know, up to this point on the smoothness of the image or twitching with the screen flipping nobody complained. Although immediately reminded of the situation with the first 100-hertz TVs. Then, this innovation has worked as a marketing tool, and many rushed to change their old TV. It is possible that Sharp thus sets another new standard.

With the onset of spring, when the sun increasingly peeks, it would be reasonable to test the display outdoors. As you can see by the photos, the screen is not perfect, but readable.

Body Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H is made in the traditional style of Sharp EDGEST. The main part (80%) of the facade is the display. The top and side frames are truncated to the extent permitted by proprietary technologies. The distance between the screen and the outer edges of the body is approximately 3-3.5 mm. At the top of the ear speaker are located, light and proximity sensors.

Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H: Review Japanese compact flagship

The front 5-megapixel camera is moved down. By the way, in the current series of Sharp it has received wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 83 degrees, which allows you to make the perfect “sebyashki” great company. As for the convenience of the location of the front-facing camera, the one who is not used can simply flip the phone upside down.

At the top end is a connector for a headphone and microphone used during video recording, as well as correcting the noise level during a conversation.

As for the sound quality of the headphones, the bear that came into my ear, he asked me to convey that the new Sharp Aquos Compact plays loudly and clearly. I like too much.

Note the ubiquitous handsome concierge-ram. Once connect your headphones to the phone, he grabs his guitar, putting on headphones and begins to dance by playing something intense. Baran is designed to help its owner around the house, pointing to all sorts of events, such as missed calls, sms, mail, etc. If desired, it is possible to drive from the screen.

On the left side of the protected plug hidden slots nanoSIM-card and microSD. Telephone, as well as most of today’s flagships, recognizes the card up to 2 TB. It is worth recalling that the experimental housing is protected against water, moisture and dust by the standards IPX5 / IPX8 and IP6X. Officially Sharp Aquos Compact is able to withstand a 30-minute dive to a depth of 1.5 meters and pressure jets of water. However, the experience of some owners shows that the official value is often underestimated.

Just above the cap placed microUSB slot, protected against water and dust from inside. Strap hole located in the bottom left corner.

Telephone assembled in Japan, as evidenced by the inscription on the tongue corresponding to the IMEI number. Plug the inside is equipped with a silicone gasket. Recommended batten down the hatches tightly to the phone is not sprung a leak.

Sharp Aquos Compact: Grip Magic

On both sides of the smartphone, in the lower part, it is already familiar to many users of modern smartphones Sharp pair Grip Magic functional sensors.

In certain situations, these sensors allow to use your phone without making much fuss. For example, lightly holding the housing in these locations, you can withdraw from sleep mode or decrease the volume of the music when an incoming call, cancel the automatic rotation of the image on the screen when the phone is tilted, or to learn about missed events (calls, SMS, email, etc.) by getting a couple of Haptic feedback, display a photo of the caller, if it has been previously stored for the subscriber data, etc.

Also Grip magic, facilitate the user’s life called and the phone’s screen. After sleeping on the front surface of the Sharp Aquos Compact, you can revive him. This feature is reminiscent of a double tap on the screen in some of the Russian retail smartphone. The Docomo SH-02H developers added the ability to take screenshots swipe along the top edge of the screen, similar to what we saw for the first time in the smartphone Sharp Aquos Crystal series.

Thank the gods! The Sharp finally hit upon the same to remove the speaker from the rear wall and make it at least to the lower end. Previously, the volume in the majority of smartphones is significantly muted if it was a speaker located on the back side. In the case when the phone lying on any soft surface can even incoming call was missed. As a long-term user of such equipment can safely say that Sharp is a clear breakthrough.

Japanese from time to time like to experiment with visual alert. At this time, the indicator lights are located on the bottom. At the time the work is almost completely transparent plastic filled with light. Configure or disable illumination can be completely in the corresponding menu.

On the right side, right under the index and middle left or right thumb are ON / OFF button and volume rocker changes. plastic buttons.

The rear wall is perfectly flat glass surface of the lens with the main 13-megapixel CMOS camera and LED flash.

Sharp Aquos Compact: Camera

According to its functional camera Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H is similar to the flagship Aquos Zeta Docomo SH-03G, which was published earlier season. Overall, the improved quality of night shots, in which the number of “sand” is now reduced to almost zero. For post-processing firm responsible processor GR Certified by Ricoh. There is the ability to record video at 30 (4K, 1080p), 118/125 (1080p) and 210 (480p) frames per second. Video at 125 and 210 K / s can then be edited, slowing the reproduction of necessary sites. To avoid overheating in the 4K recording mode is traditionally limited to 5 minutes.

The maximum photo resolution – 4128x3096p. The quality of photos can be estimated below.

Compare the quality of the photos from the cameras Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H (left) and the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE Plus. As usual, both devices camera worked in the “out of the box.” Note as well the Samsung operates HDR mode. This is clearly seen in the photo with advertising posters. The impression is that HDR works by default. The Sharp it has to include a force.

Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H: Review Japanese compact flagship

In conclusion

The main reason that it would be possible to abandon the Sharp Aquos Compact SH-02H, unless you’re a fan of the big diagonals, it is inadequately high price. The rest is more attractive than the applicant, capable of delivering a maximum positive result. It has everything to offer a modern workstation: optimal for processor power, enough memory, expandable, albeit not the best color rendition quality IGZO display, but it has an excellent level of energy efficiency, an excellent camera, 5-megapixel front, large battery to 2810 mAh, and of course, protected by a compact body.

Controversial for me was a bonus with a 120 Hz scan. It is possible, once I look around at this as a former bid for success by Sharp. As minuses do not forget about the absence of complete Russification. Even after the firmware via morelocale basic settings will remain in English. Russian are all, without exception, Google services, third-party applications that you install yourself, keyboard, phone book and SMS. By and large, all the main operating range of a standard user.

Is there currently an alternative to Sharp Aquos Compact? I’m sure everyone will find their iPhone or Samsung and more outstanding. But, unfortunately, that the Sharp is still no more than an exclusive “right-handed car” with its pluses and minuses. As the saying goes, choose, but carefully, but choose.