14.03.2014 9:39

Shopping Apple may be a promising investment

In the analytical department of the company TeleTrade emphasize that yesterday was upgraded rating on the stock of Apple (AAPL) from ” with the market ” to ” Outperform .” Experts also identified the target company’s value at $ 635 per share.

It is also worth noting that the new version of mobile devices will add about $ 4 per share in 2015. Recall the current consensus earnings per share (EPS) for Apple in 2015 is just over $ 46. Although the target share price to $ 635 almost $ 100 above the current price , the relative change is less than 20 %. Such growth is quite possible in the near future even without the sales of the iPhone 6 , which should begin later this year.

In addition, it is also expected that Apple did launch an interactive TV or wearable technology products , such as iWatch, the end of the year. Big money on these products is not expected , but their launch should be the beginning of an understanding that Apple can still offer innovation. This is the main reason that Apple is trading at a significant discount to the market as a whole.

Given the state of the company, it is likely that growth stocks will be a fairly long time. However, do not forget that investor sentiment is pretty fickle . The above market growth catalysts are more volatile and unstable. When market sentiment will be less risky , investors will switch their attention to the strengths of the company, where predictions are modest balances stronger dividends above and beta (sensitivity to market ) below. According to analysts TeleTrade, it may contain some rise in stock prices .

Also, analysts TeleTrade note that currently shares trade on AAPL 535.62 dollars per share , and given the relatively promising outlook on the company, the purchase may be quite relevant in the long term.