Six-legged robot Hector will explore other planets

Six-legged robot Hector will explore other planets

Six-legged robot will explore other planets

The main problem of the vast majority of today’s robots are not in the absence of artificial intelligence technology. The fact is that while before the majority of engineers and scientists is worth far more practical task – to teach robots to walk. It would seem that the problem is not as ambitious as the creation of a full-fledged AI, but if you think about how to be, then the first thing that people do in their lives, so it’s starting to walk.

It is in this direction and made a real breakthrough, German scientists from the University of Bielefeld, creating a robot named Hector. The main feature of the robot began, oddly enough, his feet. The machine has six legs, such as those which have any insect. The drive of the robot is each of clutches separately. This feature allows the system to operate Intellectual each foot, regardless of others. However, the system may also send Pope pairs. All this allows Hector move over any type of surface, and to overcome obstacles, not only without any problems, but fast enough, in any case, in comparison with other models.

Run Hector, unfortunately, can not, however, the German robotics are sure to make this their child will have by 2017. In the near future, engineers are planning to do the calibration system and bringing it to perfection.

It is worth adding that the robot armed with four sensors, which helps him to move independently and make decisions regarding the route of movement. Also, the robot has two cameras and a microphone. The unit weighs 12 kg, and its load capacity is 36 kg.

German scientists said that the system of motion Hector was developed not by them, and for quite some time, but only their scientific group seriously reacted to the possibility of using just such a technology.

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