“Sleepy Hollow”: Hello, I’m your mother!

“Sleepy Hollow”: Hello, I’m your mother!


Possible spoilers! 

Creators Sleepy Hollow revealed fans show information about who will play the mother of the heroine Abby Mills (Nicole Behari): this role went to actress Onzhanov Ellis, among the works which can be distinguished films“Golden Hands” and “Men of Honor” . 

Behari itself describes his mother as a television “far from the image of a housewife.” Maybe it’s her some “supernatural powers, because of which she has earned a reputation cheat and crazy.” 

"Sleepy Hollow": Hello, I'm your mother!

As you can see, the family of Mills is not without quirks, and the writers certainly use this time for an interesting storyline of mother and daughter. 

The premiere of the second season of Sleepy Hollow on September 22.

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