“Smart” car tires Continental will be able to monitor the level of...

“Smart” car tires Continental will be able to monitor the level of wear


Many car owners do not pay their tires’ steel horse “due attention, while most enthusiasts know that they are very important components of a vehicle, which has a big part of the responsibility for ensuring control movements. German tire manufacturer Continental develops and component system, tire pressure monitoring (TPMS), which, in addition to the indicator of air pressure, can also monitor the height of the tread and the level of tire wear.


It’s no secret that the tires have enough of a limited resource. Over time, the height of the tread significantly reduced, which in turn leads to deterioration in adhesion to the road surface. It is reported that the integrated electronics and special software within the TPMS in the movement can compare actual and normative values โ€‹โ€‹of technical performance tires. At a time when the height of the tire tread reaches the threshold, the car, or rather its on-board computer, be able to notify its owner that the life cycle of the tire came to an end.


Continental Company believes that the new system of monitoring tire wear will be part of an integrated system Tire Information System, which will be used by some cars in Europe already in 2017. It is reported that Continental simultaneously with TPMS also is developing its evolution. The new system will be able to determine the load index of tires and warn about invalid values. In the future, Continental plans to combine this system with other system of care that will provide the possibility of buses in real-time to adapt to the weight of the car.