“Smart” chopsticks prevent poisoning

“Smart” chopsticks prevent poisoning


Chinese engineers from the company Baidu have created the world’s first “smart” chopsticks. Innovative flatware is necessary in order to protect the user from being poisoned. Scan the food sticks straight during the meal. While sticks may not recognize so many factors as we would like, however, the prospects for the development of the gadget – limitless.

To “smart” sticks worked, you need to install on your smartphone a special application, which will be “bound” flatware. With this program you configure the control sticks, it also displays the statistics of the received data. Today, smart sticks can already determine the quality of water, the origin of the oil in it, as well as the degree of salinity. In the future, the device also learns to recognize all sorts of harmful and hazardous substances.

The reason for the development of such devaysa, according to engineers Baidu, was the last series of “food” scandal in China, particularly in fast-food restaurants, where the control authorities in the food was not revealed the presence of high-quality recycled oil. Worsened the situation and the numerous complaints of inhabitants of China.

One need only add that a similar device, only on a “Western” style has already been created in the United States and called HAPIfork. Unlike Chinese counterpart, HAPIfork – a fork, but its functions are about the same, and what sticks. Unfortunately a high enough price for cutlery, as well as the need for recharging batteries do more popularity this kind of devices. The cost of “smart” sticks vary in price range from 30 to 50 dollars, while HAPIfork also worth about $ 50 apiece. Itself in the future, when upgrading, the cost of the devices will only grow up.

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