“Smart” jacket will allow to survive the Apocalypse

“Smart” jacket will allow to survive the Apocalypse


Those who are seriously concerned about the preservation of their lives in times of major disasters, can help jacket, which is specifically designed for this purpose. It looks like an ordinary outerwear, but in case of an emergency, it has everything you need, including a set of boats, signal flags and weapons. All this was enough to hold for some time.


The idea of ​​creating such a jacket from the designer Marie-Elsa Batteux Flahault appeared after meeting with the movement Preppers. That few people who technically suitable personal protective equipment in case of sudden global disaster: war, rampant terrorism, natural disasters, pandemics and the rest.


Visor and mask will serve to protect the eyes and respiratory system. Inflatable collar jacket – a lifeline. Signal flags in their pockets – to attract attention. Self-defense in the sleeve – just in case. A plurality of internal pockets – to save the necessary provisions, and medicines. Just have built into the hem of the skirt semblance of gilded foil to protect from the cold.

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