28.07.2015 10:07

Released “killer smartphone flagships” of the second generation OnePlus 2

The Chinese company submitted a OnePlus “killer flagships” of the second generation. The unit received a more powerful processor than the first generation, and increased battery capacity. Users will be able to purchase one of the two variants of the device, including the version with 4 GB of RAM.

“Killer flagships” of the second generation

The Chinese company submitted a OnePlus “killer flagships” of the second generation – the smartphone OnePlus Two. Brand OnePlus famous quality and affordable smartphone OnePlus One with top performance. The manufacturer on its website calls itself the “killer champions» (The Flagship Killer).

OnePlus Two features such as an LCD display that OnePlus One. Its size is 5.5 inches, resolution – 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution – 401 pixels per inch. The cabinet has become a millimeter shorter and as much already, but at the same time a millimeter thicker. New dimensions are 151,8 x 74,9 x 9,85 mm. Weight also increased.

Design features

OnePlus Two made from plastic housing with a frame made of aluminum and stainless steel parts. In the second generation of the smartphone manufacturer LG took the idea and allow the user to change the back cover. The choice available five caps. As is the case with LG G4, they are made of different materials. The first one is made of black soft-touch plastic, the second – from bamboo, third and fourth – wood of different species, finally, the fifth – of the material Kevlar.

As for the design, it is necessary to note the presence of the left side face of the 3-position mechanical switch mode notifications under the new concept of Android – all notifications only priority notification and without notice.


The new model is equipped with 8-core 64-bit processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with a frequency of 1.8 GHz and a video accelerator Adreno 430. The memory will be available in two versions: the first version – 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in, the second option – 4GB “RAM “and 64 GB of flash memory. Memory card slots as there was no and no.

The model OnePlus Two increased battery capacity – 3300 mAh. The first-generation model, it was 200 mAh less.

Resolution main camera OnePlus Two remained at 13 MP (as the front – 5 PM). However, the vendor claims that the new main camera allows you to take better pictures. Firstly, it is equipped with OIS, which was not in the first generation. And, secondly, the laser autofocus, reducing focusing time.

Like the previous generation machine, the new smartphone supports two SIM-cards, but the format changed from Micro-SIM to Nano-SIM. The smartphone supports networks of LTE.

Switching to USB-C

Another important innovation in OnePlus Two – for the charger port is provided instead of the USB-C Micro-USB in the previous generation. Thus, the company OnePlus was among the first who moved to the new standard. The package, in addition to the smartphone includes a cable USB Type-C and charger.

Program features Oxygen OS

OnePlus Two running Android 5.1 platform with a proprietary graphical user interface OnePlus called Oxygen OS. Oxygen OS does not make a standard shell Android substantial changes. That is, the user sees Android practically naked. But at the same time available to him some additions.

Among these additions: control gestures on the screen, a dark Theme Dark Mode and the possibility of color selection interface, the utility Our App Permissions to control access to data and applications, notification applications for utility Waves MaxxAudio sound settings (including an equalizer and other functions) and a self-learning keyboard SwiftKey.

Cost and sales model

OnePlus Two c 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal c will be available August 11, 2015 for $ 389. Sales of the model with 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal company will start later for $ 329.

In order to be able to buy the device, you must send a request to the company’s official website and wait for their turn. The model is similar to OnePlus One at the time of launch. Subsequently, the vendor has canceled an invitation for OnePlus One, and now it can be purchased freely (commercially available version only with 64 GB of memory). Official service in Russia is not conducted.