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Smartphone Honor 3C Lite review: “lite” version to $ 130 

In our attention was a budget smartphone Honor 3C Lite, which is different from the original 3C not only equipment, but also the appearance. The lite version of the device also received a 5-inch IPS HD-screen, 4-core processor, 8MP camera and support for two SIM-cards. And that’s what all the same do not look like a model with a difference in the price tag of $ 100, say on.

Options – Honor 3C Lite

Smartphone comes in a small box of thick blue cardboard. At its upper part – only the silver inscription «Honor», and on the back there is a short list of specifications in Chinese.

In addition to a complete set of Honor 3C Lite also provides a microUSB cable and AC adapter.

Design and functional elements – Honor 3C Lite

The manufacturer positions Honor 3C Lite as a smartphone for the youth. But, in truth, to find in its design features, clearly hinting at a youth image, I did not succeed. It’s more of a mainstream everyday looks most mobile devices – a neat, though unremarkable.

Smartphone Honor 3C Lite review: "lite" version to $ 130 

Body 3C Lite is made of glossy plastic sliding. On the rear panel, which fades into the ends of the smartphone, it is white while on the rim encircling the body around the perimeter, black. Against the background of organically combined in the body of the device of black and white painted allocated only “under the metal” power button and volume rocker. They are equipped on the right “marginalia” and easy to operate.

The upper-end device placed under 3.5 mm audio jack and the lower slot is occupied microphone port and microUSB. By the way, in order to remove the cover of the battery pack, you need to pull it is near the interface connector. Under the panel, there are two slots for SIM-cards, one for the microSD removable battery.

Going back to overview appearance 3C Lite, we should remember about the ergonomically curved back panel of the gadget, which is located at the top of the peephole 8MP camera, LED-flash and noise-canceling microphone, in the center – the manufacturer’s logo and the grille at the bottom of multimedia speakers.

On the front panel of the screen is eye 2 megapixel front-facing camera for, earpiece and proximity / light, and underneath are three touch buttons: “Menu”, “Home” and “Back”. The latter, obviously, in order to reduce the cost of a smartphone, “spared” lighting that brings some discomfort in the management of Honor 3C Lite in dark rooms and at night.

Compact and lightweight model can not be called – 142.2×72.3×9.4 mm and weighs 156 grams. Let the little pocket of his jeans and pulls, but at the same time clearly lies in the palm of your hand. As for one-hand operation, it is possible, but to reach the top row of icons will still be difficult.

The build quality of the gadget, even though the folding design, excellent – all the body parts fit tightly, no squeaks and not loose.


In Honor 3C Lite, as in the original 3C, a screen diagonal of 5 inches with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels. The density of pixels per inch – 293. Pixelize virtually invisible.

Matrix is IPS-technology, its good quality, at least at a right angle and contrast rendition nice looking. Image slightly distorted only at maximum deviation sight.

Smartphone Honor 3C Lite review: "lite" version to $ 130 

The brightness of the backlight is adjusted either manually or automatically light sensor. Its highest level in principle sufficient for the autumn and spring sun, but the summer will certainly want to stare.

The display is protected by glass. However, specific information about its type is not, but personally I have a couple of weeks on the surface there was not a scratch. But the main disadvantage is its lack oleophobic coating – instantly spoiled and somewhat difficult to scour.

Capacitive sensor layer supports up to 5 simultaneous touches.


Built-in memory Honor 3C Lite is four times greater than that of 3C, – 16 GB. Part of it is given to the software available to the user as a result, only about 12 GB.

Ability to connect external USB-drives are not available, but there is support for microSD cards up to 32GB.

Features and performance

For $ 135 “iron” in the smartphone is very decent 4-core MediaTek MT6582 processor with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz and graphics Mali-400MP2 plus 1 GB of RAM. Honor 3C, remember, got 2 GB of RAM.

However, and this “bunch” provides excellent performance for this class of device: plays Full HD video and even allows you to play the latest games though mostly at medium quality settings.

Wireless modules and communication

Of communication modules on board, Honor 3C Lite has Wi-Fi technology Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS, as well as supports two SIM-card format microSIM in standby mode. If one sim card enabled 2G network and 3G, then the other supports only 2G.


Honor 3C Lite is equipped with a removable battery capacity of 2000 mAh, which is 300 mAh less than that of the original 3C. Its battery life on a single full charge pretty average – the smartphone is capable of playing HD-video for 5-6 hours, or 15 hours of the order is in the web surfing via Wi-Fi. Slider display backlight when it put up 50%.

Smartphone Honor 3C Lite review: "lite" version to $ 130 

In the very active use – “no outlet” smartphone live up to before the end of the working day. Note that no special energy-saving options in the settings device is not provided.

Speakers and camera

Multimedia smartphone speaker reproduces clear sound loud and long enough to hear an incoming call, even in a noisy place.

Good margin and volume boast Elementary. He perfectly conveys it even in a noisy street.

The main 8MP camera smartphone supplemented autofocus and LED-flash.

Among the rather wide range of possible settings and shooting modes, there are modes HDR, smile and face detection.

Smartphone Honor 3C Lite review: "lite" version to $ 130 

The quality of photos taken in good light, in general, not bad. In low or poor – is not without digital noise, color reproduction appropriate, sharpness is not enough.

Image stabilization in 3C Lite E and is available while shooting video. By the way, the main photo module records as Full HD and the front in HD. The latter, incidentally, received a 2 megapixel resolution matrix, while the winner of Honor 3C 5MP camera.


As part of the design and the “iron” competitors Honor 3C Lite very much. Compare the features of the smartphone with the specifications of some of the most obvious of them within the price tag of $ 130- $ 165:


Powered smartphone operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat, which is installed on top of a stripped-down version of the original shell Emotion UI with a broad suite of applications Google and several proprietary tools manufacturer.

Smartphone Honor 3C Lite review: "lite" version to $ 130 

Mode is provided a simple screen for easy use of the device due to the simplified layout of the screen and large icons. In the folder “Tools” contains useful applications such as Voice recorder, flashlight, calculator, FM-radio, Backups, and Weather informer. Brim of present and Yandex Opera browsers.

Findings – Honor 3C Lite

Well, Honor 3C Lite – a real “kick” for smartphones middle segment of mobile giants such as Samsung, LG, and Sony. In the arsenal of the above companies for $ 130 it is difficult to find a machine with such a great quality screen and such power as Honor 3C Lite. In addition, we can not ignore the presence on board of a good gadget main camera and support them two SIM-cards.

There were, however, and without flaws, but they are not as critical: no oleophobic coating and screen backlight touch buttons, as well as a stripped-down version of the shell Emotion UI.


  • Quality assembly;
  • Good display;
  • Performance with the price tag;
  • 16 GB of ROM, plus a slot for microSD-cards;
  • Supports “Simple Screen”.


  • Lack of oleophobic screen coating;
  • Stripped-down version of the shell Emotion UI;
  • No backlight touch buttons.

Source: GSMarena