On snowy roads in Canada have been dozens accident on Highway one...

On snowy roads in Canada have been dozens accident on Highway one “met” just 47 cars

accident Canada wovow.org 00
accident Canada wovow.org 00

In Canada, because of heavy snowstorms and ice have been dozens of accidents. The biggest accident in an area of ​​the city Sainte-Adele, where Highway 15 immediately faced 47 cars.

According to police, injured 64 people, seven of them are in serious condition. In order to rescue 33 people from wrecked cars, rescuers had to use special equipment for cutting metal. Throughout the day, January 27, traffic on the highway was closed, reports CBC .


Another major accident involving 30 vehicles occurred on the same track near the town of Mirabel. Those who decided to try his luck on the parallel highway 117, stuck in the 10-kilometer traffic jam.

Traffic on the roads is difficult across the province of Quebec, is a particularly difficult situation in the south and east. Police officials have documented hundreds of collisions to vehicles. Also, due to an accident blocking the road several times in the Montreal area.

According to the website AccuWeather.com , snowfall in the coming days in the area of Quebec and Montreal continue.


Recall Canada, like the United States, was in the zone of the Arctic cold. Last week in the United States due to heavy snowfall were closed government offices in Washington, as well as offices and schools in several states. In total, North America forecasters promised three waves of cold weather.