The son of director Woody Allen stood up for his father, who...

The son of director Woody Allen stood up for his father, who was accused of raping stepdaughter


In the sex scandal around the American film director Woody Allen broke his adopted son Moses Farrow.He says that all the accusations of pedophilia against the father, from the mouth of his half-sister Dylan, have nothing to do with reality. Mother just “washed” her brain, said Moses.

In an interview with People son of the famous director said that the father, of course, is not corrupted his sister. Moses explained that his mother, Mia Farrow, set up a child against the father because he left her for his second wife, Soong and Previn. Young people over the years hated his father for his actions, until I realized the motives of the mother.

Sister Moses already commented on his brother’s words, joined his father in a public debate. She believes that her brother had betrayed her and the whole family. Dylan noted that all previously said a word about her father’s criminal act was true, and added that those childhood memories will haunt her for the rest of life.

Open letter to sister of Moses appeared in the newspaper The New York Times on February 1. It tells Dylan that the age of seven was sexually abused by her stepfather. She notes that disclose candid memories decided after the recent Woody Allen awarding the prize “Golden Globe”. Girl admits that still tormented by remorse as not told about this before, exposing the dangers of many little girls.

The most detailed adoptions daughter of Woody Allen in his letter tells about an incident that occurred in 1992 in Connecticut. Then stepfather allegedly dragged the girl on the attic of the house and subjected to sexual violence. The remaining details of the incident in a letter to Dylan decided to omit, but noted that after this harassment by the father continued.

According to reports in the American press, one of Connecticut prosecutors under investigation on suspicion of sexually assaulting a director. But then in the supervisory agency refused to move the case. Now 28-year-old Dylan Farrow lives in Florida with her husband and calls his happy marriage. Sam 78-year-old director has denied all the accusations.