“Sons of Anarchy”: live or die?

“Sons of Anarchy”: live or die?


Warning! This article contains spoilers!

After the death of one of the pillars of SAMCRO, is anyone’s guess who the main characters should meet with death. After all, this hero was the soul and conscience of the club Jax, and most fans expect it to survive. He directed the actions of the new president in the right direction and always put first the interests of the club.Given the fact that Gemma has not confessed to the crime, it can be expected that Bobby – not the last victim of the series, despite the fact that the show is nearing completion. Let’s think who else might die, and who are likely to remain alive …
1. Gemma Teller

"Sons of Anarchy": live or die?

It is known that killed daughter Gemma, and the truth never said that has already led to a huge number of deaths. She keeps saying that doing everything for the family, but actually thinks only of himself.

Nurse Gemma are more likely to die. She deserves it more than others, and it does not extend the secret, and only shortens her life. Most likely, it is adored by her Abel,and what he said to his father in the tenth series, will lead to a similar character finale.

2. Jax Teller

"Sons of Anarchy": live or die?

If Jack’s going to die, it is not the fact that he would be killed external enemies of the club. Maybe just the opposite. Series creator Kurt Sutter has always said that his show is inspired by the story of “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. If this is indeed so,Jax everything is very bad …

Presumably it was one of the members of the club strike a decisive blow, and while there is reason to believe that it will make bright-eyed. For instance, when he learns of the death of Bobby, you will realize how far gone Jax and the club, and out of desperation throw something sort.

3. Lively

The life of this character is anything but quiet and peaceful. He betrayed the club tried to commit suicide again betrayed the club, and then fled. Now he is in prison and ordered him to kill Henry Lin. This is his last chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the children, so he tries his best.

Opportunities to kill sharper the heroes of the series was a lot, but for some reason he is still alive. And now in jail, and this means that he could be killed at any moment. Although it would be logical to assume that this will make the Jacks. Or they will kill each other, like Hamlet and Laertes?

4. Nero Padilla

"Sons of Anarchy": live or die?

Nero embodies the life care plan from the criminal life. His dream – to find a quiet spot and son. It is hoped that the way it happens. However, whether these hopes were destined to come true?

Can not say that the song is sung Nero, but the fact that he is safe, is not a fact. Of course, he can safely “go into the sunset,” but there is no guarantee that all will not change at the last minute. Especially considering the fact that it protects Gemma. In the end, it may become another victim of it.

5. Teague

"Sons of Anarchy": live or die?

In the seventh season of life Tiggo can be called relatively calm as possible within the events. Blood and violence of it have not gone away, but Tredzher exercise discretion and does not attract attention. And it is still wonderful and very steep.

We can say that the club is being protected Teague (again, as far as possible) and certainly will not give up without a fight. Besides, he does not have enough discretion to pace hurl one, so that, perhaps, will live.

6. Pyr

It seems that in the seventh season of Pyr found love in the face of a new sheriff Charming. Almost the first time in the entire series, he is doing something out of the club, because even his wife and daughter were somehow related to the Sonsand the Irish trade weapons.

Pyr, of course, be able to sacrifice himself for the sons, but he, like Teague, that the club feels protected and therefore not particularly eager to develop a storm of activity beyond. At least knock on the Sons of his girlfriend, he just will not.

7. Wayne Unser

"Sons of Anarchy": live or die?

If not cancer, then what? Former sheriff has long been terminally ill, and hope of recovery had not. Although in appearance to the dying, he does not look like …

Anser may become a victim of Gemma, if it is to defend it to the bitter. Given that, what it hides a secret, it is quite possible, though unlikely. Hardly any of the sonswants to kill him.

8. Rat

"Sons of Anarchy": live or die?

This character was in the thrall of people Marx, and at first, considering what happened to Bobby, it did not promise him anything good. Now he is safe and sound in the club, and the Sons of Moses destroyed the principle of “an eye for an eye.” But who said that Marx’s short arms, and he can not get to the Rat? And it would be undesirable, because he had just began to build a relationship with Brooke …

Marx – it is certainly serious, but not hopeless. In the end, it will not be the same people to kill two members in a row the same way?

9. Lyba

Lyba the same as always: ready to kill for the sake of the club at the slightest provocation, and with impunity, at least, he is not afraid of retribution. There is nothing surprising in this: who would ever think to kill the murderer?

It is unlikely that he will die. Lyba – Grim Reaper himself.

10. Wendy Case

"Sons of Anarchy": live or die?

It is surprising that Wendy was still alive at all. It is well known for her “adventure” with the drug. There was a time when Jax really wanted her dead. But she was able to solve this problem and now cares about Thomas and Abel. It behaves quite wisely and play by the rules of the society in which there is. Now the trust Jax to her grown so much that he even told his eldest son that she – his real mother.

Kill Wendy would be pointless. It – one of the few characters that can rehabilitate themselves. And thanks to her the nightmare in which children live Jax, does not turn into an even greater horror. Also, do not forget that she still loves Jax.

11. Chuckie

"Sons of Anarchy": live or die?

Well, what the enemy may be at Chucky? Now, perhaps, he is almost the only bright ray of the series, and more – he is the most honest character “Sons.”Besides, it is not selfish and I’m glad finally to have a family.

Well, what a vile beast will need to kill Chucky? He – mils and is asking for trouble.And he knows how to make chili out of my head, and that in fact porridge from the ax was a completely different story …